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My son wanted a new kite becuase our old one broke. I have always bought cheap ones from a department stone and then just throw them away after a couple of uses. Our neighbor was having a yard sell and we stopped there on our way to walley world. The neigbor was selling what looked like a really nice kite so I bought it. It was handmade by someone named Ansel Toney that lived close to his parents. The flew it a couple of times and he got it after they died but never flew it. The kite is 30 years old but looks almost new. It is box delta that is 11 feet across. it was missing the back cross rod. It does not have a pocket for the rod just a couple of metal rings. The distance between the metal rings in 62 inches.

Any help with what I need to buy and where I should by it would be appreciated. I live in central KY and we do not have any kite stores in our area. Here are some pictures that I hope will help.




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I'll concede to the superior knowledge of others for parts suggestions, but I think you've got a nice piece of kite history there. :)


FYI, the kite type itself appears to be a Double Conyne.

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Also, not sure if you're on Facebook or not but I posted a couple of links to this topic...


No new friendships required, those are public access for anyone on FB.

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Thanks for the article links and the history of the maker. Very interesting. I am glad that bought it.

Since the missing back cross rod was handmade of bass wood and notched to fit the rings does anyone know of a substitute that I could use? Not sure I could make a proper replacement.

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How long is it from ring point to ring point? Might be able to get a wooden dowel that long, (if less than 48"), or you may have to go with a carbon rod, ferruled together, and arrow nocks at the ends. At least as big around as whatever is in the leading edge. I'm sure any good kite shop can give you recommendations on what to use!

Good Luck!

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Just go to your local hardware store and buy a wood dowel. They are probably made out of basswood. Go out in the woods and grab a skinny branch, a dead dried out one would be better than waiting for one to dry out. The cross piece only a spreader a dowel from the hardware store will work just fine. And shipping a 5+ foot box would be a waste of money with a wooden dowel in it.

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    • By Brilliantone
      I'm new here. But...I'm not a newbie. I'm an expert kite pilot, even though I don't fly as much as I used to. I hope that will change with your help.
      Some history for context:
      I owned a kite store in Cocoa Beach Florida 20 years ago. I only sold Prism, and I sold a truck-load of them. I still own many Prism kites. Probably a dozen or more. From a Radian to a Vapor to special edition I2K Illusion in Red/White/Blue and everything in between. I was talking with Revolution Kites often when I opened the shop back then. I even have a special edition Y2K red/white/blue Rev.  I spoke often with Mark Reed from Prism, and even got to fly new kites he was introducing. I flew 10-12 hours a day. My shop was 27 steps from the sand. I was on the beach all day. I gave flying lessons daily (learning from Bill Ochee from the Kite Loft in Ocean City Maryland) and I made unlimited free repairs for any kite you bought from me. Dodd Gross would come and practice; spending the weekend in my house. I still have a signed prototype from him. 
      On September 11, 2001, the Terrorist attacks ended everything. I was 1 mile from the Launch pads at Cape Canaveral. I was 1 mile from Patrick Air force base. I couldn't get to my store. There were armed guards in sand-bag bunkers protecting the Space Coast. Eventually, I had no choice but to close the store. 
      I went in another direction and although I keep flying, I have been out of touch in the kite world. I'm a lawyer now; living in Marco Island Florida. I see Kite surfing took over the world. I remember seeing the first re-launch-able kites. They were cool. Before that, the guys starting this sport had a backpack harness to bundle their wet kite in. There was no relaunching back then. I fixed many parafoils that got torn in the waves and rough surf. I had to have a lot of bridle line on hand back then. 
      I stayed on the beach doing ground maneuvers and making my Elixir and I2k Illusion do ballet moves in the air. With the detachable Ailerons, the I2K was unstoppable in high wind when you wanted the finesse. And as far as Freestyle tricking, nothing could touch the Elixir.  
      That was 20 years ago. I can still fly with anyone, and there are only a small group that I would consider better flyers than I am. I don't say that to pat my back. I'm getting older and don't care about those things anymore, but I say it so you can understand that I can still compete, and have no doubt I can still win; indoors or out.
      Speaking of Indoors...I bought so many spars and fittings from Avia Sport, that they offered to sell me their custom-made Avia Sport indoor kite that won internationals. It till has the hand-written instruction on how to use the amazing Herb Weldon active bridle. I am proud to own it.  I wore out my Vapor and even starting sewing new panels on it top replace the shredded sail panels. Even after Prism fixed it twice. What a great kite...
      That was 20 years ago. Avia Sport doesn't exist anymore, and Prism Kites looks like they refocused on kite-boarding rather than 2-lines. 
      With all that history, (and there is so much more), I find myself needing help.
      I haven't bought a kite in those 20 years. I still fly all my prisms. 
      I want to buy new kites. My Revolutions are still in fine shape, even 20 years later. My Prisms are still in fair shape. I've beat them up and fixed them a million times, and they are still awesome to fly.
      But I want to buy new kites and fly regularly again. I want to lay out all the kites I have, and show people how to fly; encouraging them to pick up any kite they want to fly. I want to share the tips and tricks and stunts I learned from Doss Gross, Mark Reed, or other great flyers I met across the world. I want to show people how to execute the tricks they struggle with.
      This brings be back to the beginning. I'm new here. But I am not a newbie. I am an expert kite pilot and I need help.
      Money isn't my issue. I have the money, but the most expensive doesn't mean the best or most responsive or even worth the value in the price. I want the most responsive expert-level freestyle kites being made today. I want the kite that the best flyers in the world will take to competition. 
      I see many posts on here about intermediate flyers wishing to crawl into the advanced kites. I even some advanced flyers talking about having mastered their intermediate kites. But I don't see much on which kites are the best of the best in the expert realm. 
      I hope someone can bring me up to speed on what's new in the kiting world. I have a lot of time to make up,  Even though I never stopped flying, I stopped being involved after that fateful day 20 years ago. 
      I have much to give and I need some help as I launch a new beginning. 
    • By Breezin
      6 weeks ago I started this new obsession not having a clue to the depth and scope of kiting. Got a Widow ng  to start. Flew it a few times and started to believe I needed something more durable due to constant contact with mother earth. Went stupid and got a Black Dog [ neat kite] Premiers Vision , Jewel , 2 Addictions , Nighthawk and a 1.4 foil [good decision] Moved the Dog ,Vision and 1 Addiction on. Got lucky and got my money back. Broke my Widows lower spreader last Sunday. I understand breaking and repairing is part of this sport but that just sucked. Not the kites fault at all. Between then and now no winds to fly in except foil until yesterday afternoon. Took my snapshot 1.4, micron and nighthawk out for their 1st flights. The nighthawk is the warm color. Not expecting it to be so pretty in flight. Here is  my thoughts on the widow and the nighthawk. This is not a review due to knowledge deficiency. Putting the widow up for the 1st time was just awesome. Graceful and deliberate . Didn't realize how intimidated I was by it until I flew the Nighthawk. After flying both I have really gained insight to input control.Widow deliberate and calculating not much forgiveness in a panic. When remembering to breath that will happen less . The nighthawk seems more reactionary. With developing skills that too shall pass. The widow does everything I tell it to do even when I don't know what I'm saying. Hence broken sigh. The nighthawk is faster to respond and I seem to correct my mistakes without knowing how I did it. Really had a blast with this kite. On inputs the widow is like okay next ,next,  crash. Really dude there is so much more to do and this is just wasting time. Yes it can talk I'm just not fluent in it's language yet. For the nighthawk it's input, whee ,input ,whee crash whee. I was expecting them to be very similar. Not so much. If I had to choose I'd take the widow over the nighthawk but I don't and that is excellent. Most valuable lesson so far slack those lines when crashing!! I had so much fun forgot to fly the other 2 kites. Nighthawk came with really good lines. After comparing the 2 the widow needs a better set. One of the new found joys of this kiting thing, learning to make my own sets. Jewel and addiction will be moving on. Want to keep them but no need. Tried to justify that they're for the wife but that's stupid cause the widow and nighthawk are hers too. Just ask her lol. Jumping from kite to kite I think will hinder progress anyways. After flying the nighthawk I don't believe I need a ul. I see why people love them. Think it's going to take a trip to Plymouth to meet daddy .Now I can truly say in the quiver prism snapshot 1.4 ,prism micron,Premier nighthawk and widow ng. Want more but I do need a sul. Just about bought a 4d cause of the price. Although the price was good I'm going to follow the advice that got me the widow. Got a piggy bank that has Jon, Lam ,Tim , Krijn with ? Oh my the anticipation and agonizing to come !! So glad I took the advice of so many to start with a great kite. Don't know if I would be as enthused otherwise. Each to their own but I WANT TO FLY LIKE THOSE GUYS !!! In the words of the beloved Captain Piccard MAKE IT SO.
    • By JaseRicco
      Ok, I received the Silver Fox 2.3 UL today, and it seems complicated to say the least. All I wanted is a kite that is good for low winds, and what I got is this techy, advanced and all too sophisticated kite. So lets start with what I hope is an easy question about tensioning the wing tip and we'll move to more advanced questions about weights, balasts and the color bead coded turbo bridle system(TBS) later on. 
      The Zephyr, before I had to return it, had a wing tip tension and leech line that had to be tied. The Silver Fox, however, has a leech line that is already looped and knotted, and a wing tip tension that looks like it is semi-tied. On the Zephyr the leech line had to be tied because you could adjust it to your flying style. Since the leech line on the Silver Fox is already looped and knotted, I'm not sure why it's even there to do anything with. Why wouldn't it just be incorporated in the kite design like it is on the Quantum? I guess it doesn't really much matter as I would assume the leech line loop is simply just looped around the nock. The problem I am having is with the wing tip tension. I can't make heads or tales out of the directions, and have no idea what I am supposed to do with it. I posted some pictures of the wing tip tension line as well as the directions.
      I know it will be hard for someone to help me since it's obvious that different kites have different methods of securing wing tip tensions and leech lines. And it will be even harder given the fact that no one is here to physically help me. But have to give it a try anyway. 
    • By Matt G
      So I have had my Rev Reflex RX for 3 days and the wind has been ok to fly every day, I'm down in Plymouth in the UK and we never struggle for a sea breeze and living 500m from a huge set of public football pitches on top of a hill it is one of the best flying sites for miles. 
      The first day the wind was a little light and variable with a 30 deg shift in direction which made my first experience of flying a quad a "challenge" to say the least only ever flying dual line stunt kites before it was mentally very challenging to get the inputs of the quad correct and when things happened quickly my instincts as a duel liner took over often ending on me "landing" unexpectedly, but as the evening wore on I started to get used to the feel of the extra bottom lines and could fly a box and figure 8 to some fashion.
       The second evening the wind was a little stronger and from a steady direction and I could really get the kite moving concentrating firstly on the box shapes then figure 8's the controls started to feel normal but not instinctive and I have to analyze what I did and how it affected the movement of the kite. Next was the hover which is much much harder than all the YouTube videos make it look! I had little success with it I feel that I must be over controlling the kite as it wants to race forwards but I can back it down very slowly but can't find the "bite" when it stops and wants to hover yet. 
      Day 3 and after an hour of single line flying with my son the wind felt good and steady so I set up the Rev again and really had a great time oh god this is fun to fly really felt comfortable in flying it around hovers did start to come together, I found them much easier at the top and bottom of the wind window, on the edges it veered off sliding and in the centre it was like a caged animal trying to race upwards! I felt comfatable enough to try an inverted stop and managed it a few times nicely but I lost my nerve and was pulling up high and about 2m above the ground, it did stop wonderfully but again my brain started to hurt working out inputs of the kite flying backward and upsidedown! but fun none the less.
      Sorry to of gone on but I'm still buzzing from flying and had to tell someone... well anyone...you lot....
    • By jasonmcmahon76
      My name is Jason, I am from Melbourne Australia.
      I was recently introduced to a 2 line stunt kite by my brother in law, and I was hooked!   I did some research online and am now the proud owner of a Prism Quantum and a 75 foot tube tail.
      I have had a few outings with it already, and I am sure you are probably not surprised to learn that I am already waiting on replacement center T as a result of some high speed soil samples.
      So in the meantime I was hoping for some advice and suggestions!
      What would you consider "must have" accessories? Is there a list of stunts or some sort of order that I should start learning them in? Good online resources for said stunts? (other than this one!) General tips and tricks for total noobs? Relating to the Quantum: Any suggested mods, tips or tricks? What parts are most prone to breaking? Thank you in advance!
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