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Hi there, this is my first post, so just saying 'Hi'. I'm also looking for a little info about kite string. I was given a rather sweet micro box kite, I haven't flown it yet because the string it came with is just like cotton. The last time I flew a kite with string like that it climbed about half way up the wind window and both line broke! I wanted to see I could get some stronger line for it. However I'm guessing that such a small kite would struggle to lift if the line is too heavy? Is that correct? I've seen some online listings of kite string and it is labelled firstly by length then by weight. Am I correct in assuming this weight is the breaking strain of the string? What would you advise for such a small kite?

Finally, I'm really keen to get a kite stack - I was just going to see about getting three cheap-o diamond kites - how do I attach each kite to the other? Or is it not done like that?, do companies sell ready made kite stacks?

I'm in the Uk by the way (Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire border) - I'd love to learn from experienced kite flyers in my area if there are any!

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Hi there, welcome to the forum. If you just have a small box kite then what you need is some dacron line probably about 20kgs breaking strain. Try looking at


a long established kite firm based in Hinckley near Leicester. Have a chat with them and I'm sure they will put you right.

You can make a stack by attaching the kites together but getting the right gap between the kites is important and not always easy to set up - it varies from kite to kite. Also really cheap kites aren't usually that suitable. You can get a ready made 3 stack of diamond kites for £40 ish from http://www.kiteworld.co.uk/acatalog/Skydog-Diamond-Tripple-Stack.html#.VWWs6UbSwxg

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Thanks, thats cool. Hinkley's not too far from me. Could you tell me what is meant by the leading edge? On a diamond kite would that be the two lengths that make the two shortest edges combined?

Why do you say that cheap kites aren't suitable?

Thanks for your help

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Leading edge is a term used in dual line kites more than single line.


Really cheap kites tend to be made of very cheap materials, badly sewn with very floppy frames and cheap brittle connectors. If you are going to make a stack it puts more stress on the kites as it pulls more - especially the front kite - so you need good quality fittings and frames. Also setting up a stack from scratch can be a real pain - I've just done it with 2 dual line kites - so It's probably worth £40 to get 3 decent kites already to fly. Skydog are a good brand.

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Peter Powell has a store over there I believe. Not the cheapest by any means, but if you want a diamond kite that can perform, try his! They sell as singles and stacks!! Probably get advice on lengths and strengths of line too!

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