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String length for a two line parafoil?


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Is there a recommended string length for a kite? I have an HQ symphony 1.3. Its the smallest of their 'power' kites. I have lots the handles and so my new straps and line has arrived and I wondered how long I should measure the string.

Many thanks, Ben

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According to the webpage, the Symphony Beach III 1.3 comes with 2x25m 100lbs blend line.

I fly it on those below listed wind range, but it is not too great. Have some thinner ligther dynema lines, which are better, and increases wind range down a bit.

I can see that Peter Lynn seems to favour 18 meters these days. Just checked their new Uniq Play 1.0 (single skin)

The line weight introduce drag. But longer lines gives a larger wind window. You can fly further before having to turn. Shorter lines, and you get a smaller playing field. You could consider 2 sets of lines depending on conditions.

A thin 15m set,like 50 lbs, and a 100 lbs 25m set.

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