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Gosh, I'm having so much fun indoor flying. I get up early to head to the gym before work and fly every morning as I'm preparing for an indoor event at Lincoln City. It's great! I decided for

thanks for writing your story Penny

rest well you all deserve it, great peformance


Thanks Kat,

Did you see the single handle? Very fun! Someones probably going to be flying two rev's at once before I get it down good. How about those fliers? Pretty good huh. Lincoln City has done so much for kiteflying indoors and out. We had scouts from different states there checking it out. In fact I need to go contact one or two of them. Very fun! BB Penny ~ who can picture Caroline in an indoor show.

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I think there should be a thread on Post Festival depression. Anyone? lol. Connor said to me yesterday driving home. * I miss everyone Mom*.

No truer words.. I do too.

It was a great fest. And the week at work cannot be over soon enough .... seems I am always dragging the few days after an event.

I met a lot of new fliers this past weekend. Happy to say I got to fly some team as well.

Thanks to all that made it possible.

A special ty to Brett and Diane for their hospitality. You did a great job team flying Brett! Can't wait to see the pictures!

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Isn't dragging after an event an understatement?

Now, it's transition time from indoor to outdoor. Before I put a hold on indoor practice I need to have another handle made to replace the one that came apart on me. I'll take it to a friend to try and then my mechanic if they can't do it.

I bought bright materials to redo the mermaid tails so they will show up better.

Not much time to get them done. I'll be a mermaid in Morro Bay with dancing mermaids in a parade, and a few school flies before the 3rd Annual Morro Bay festival.

Well, here is to a good week. BB Penny ~who needs to get back to the gym.

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I had a wonderful fly last night. The single handle Rev flying. Standing on a chair was easier. Flying blindfolded was easier. walking forward under the kite was easier.. Practice, practice, practice. Next year I['m going to get good.

Just like I'm not quite ready to pull out my spring clothes (and the ground was white w/hail last night, so who could blame me), I'm not ready to quit indoor kiteflying. I know I have to get out doors, but it's perfect indoor fly time. Basketball is over!

BB Penny ~Who hopes to fly tonight too.

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My costumes are shipped to California, My gear is getting cleaned up.

Even more exciting is that Gary Maceachern is making me another single handle for my Rev. Good, if I"m going to be sore, it should be even pain on both shoulders. :sign_kitelife:

We're expecing a nice weekend, so fun in the sun, wind or no wind. BB Penny ~who better get ready for work.

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QUOTE (Penny Lingenfelter @ Dec 5 2008, 12:50 PM)

Rev coming straight down leading edge first. Walk forward, handles down, and forward making the kite pancakefront down leading edge away-tips towards me. Then popping it back up. Only my up is leading edge down, tips up, the same as when I started the move... then back down, and up.

Does it take a front down- facing the ground, then front up- facing the *ceiling to become a flick flac?

Nope, those are simply multiple pancakes (by name)... In and out, in and out, etc.

Flic flac is with tips down (starting), and a quick flick to send the tips upwards (face up or all the way over to face away), then an identical flick (flac) to get it facing you again... Again, being a fast move, it requires sail pressure and weight in the kite.

I've never been able to do one on the Indoor Rev (too much belly as well = wind resistance).

That's a quote from John B.


Ok, I'm practicing my Rev version of a flick flac indoors. I start with the kite inverted and lay it out, bring it up, lay it out, bring it up. I did it three times, quick and it looked good..... once.. ;) Usually it's stiff looking and timeing is everything. But if you do it once it can be done. It may take me a few years to improve it.

Spence.. run with it. It can be done, lets see what young will get out of it. I still have issues with moving forward quickly.

BB Penny ~ who still wants to fly indoors w/ this cold wet spring.

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I'm still getting indoor for practice. OMG, so much fun. We've had blue clouds for a couple of days, so I did get some outdoor practice in. That big yellow orb in the sky was a bit of a shock, but I got use to it.

Last night when I came home Steve asked if I was happy.. I told him, yes, I was.. "Do you want to be happier? Always.. I said.. "Then go look beside the entertainment center. " I ran to see what he had up his sleeve and wala! there was a package from Lolly at Rev. with a vented Rev II and vented 1.5!! Yeah!!! Love it!!! I'm ready for the highest winds. I'll be able to fly w/ team without having to man handle my standard 1.5 while the rest fly vented.

My favorite kite.. a vented Rev II.. I can fly that kite when the vented 1.5's have to come down and it feels like nothing on the end of your line. I call it my 18 hour kite. I can fly for 18 hours and not be sore or tired.. ok.. well maybe a little tired after 18 hours of flying, but not sore. It's the best! So now I'm packed for San Ramon this weekend. No wind to high wind~ I'm ready!

Thank you Rev.. Look for me at an event near you. BB Penny

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