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Taz Machine Trouble

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Good to see the quest for the Taz is still alive ! I have yet to 'get' the Taz, or Slot for that matter. 2015 brought very little flying for me, maybe only 25% of what I had done in previous years. Learning new things has taken a back seat to just getting out and flying the rust off anything that I can do.

Glad to hear that you got the Taz !

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I got it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Went out today and figured it out. I got it numerous times in both directions, enough to feel I've gone through the door, rather than just got lucky. Sorry for the upcoming

This bit of gold here did it for me, especially the nose above tail (during half axel) part, really brought it home... Did several Taz Machines headed left today (my first ever) and one headed right.

Sorry to jump into a thread that's been dormant for several months, but I just wanted to give a shout out to all of the folks who took the time to explain the Taz subtleties. This thread has be

4 hours ago, RobB said:

Glad to hear that you got the Taz !

Well...I got a *few* of them. I have a long way to go before I own them.

I hope you get to do more flying in 2016. I always look forward to seeing those videos from Long Island!

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