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Here's the Zephyr in the eggplant color scheme.  It is a really great looking kite in the daytime sky.  I like to fly mine in a full moon sky too.  I also have the inferno color scheme but like this one better.  SHBKF



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1 hour ago, windwarrior said:


Since you prefer the eggplant over the inferno, how about selling your inferno and I can buy the eggplant from hyzakite!!!


Badabing badaboom! My itch gets double scratched!  :lol:

I have a kite hoarding problem.  I do actually still fly the Inferno.  It has recently escaped from the Kite Dungeon & has been in the trunk of the Cruze.  It's place in the lineup is as a light standard.  Would have flown it today but it was a SUL kind of afternoon out here in the the sticks.  SHBKF

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