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Anyone having any problems with the website. I keep getting error messages when I click on a different link, within the website, and sometimes, when I initially try to get onto the website. I've removed all Kitelife cookies, I've tried to access the website by simply typing in the "www.kitelife.com" address, vs using my bookmark, but it seems to make no difference.

Just wondering if anyone else was experiencing anything strange ?

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Sounds like the server may need a reboot... I've seen this on & off over the last week, too.

Hey Rob, the Master speaks..............get to JB, if you can, because I know you can speak his language, and explain what is going on ! All the rest of us know, is that something is "wrong"........... :ani_wallbash:

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Hi guys, sorry for the delay in responding...

Sadly, the two components of our website (front end and forum) are proving to be too much for our server. :(

I am currently researching solutions - upgrading the server is cost-prohibitive for us, so mostly looking at possible software improvements.

Still at a loss right now, but I am working on this - thanks for posting about it, and for your patience.

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