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B-Series STD Package (11/10/15)

John Barresi

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And it's because you're such a caring, giving guy that I did not sign that petition about you, GregB. Yes, I typed it for everybody else and I helped with some of the wording, but I refused to sign it. :ani_whistling:

Another petition? How am I supposed to remember al the things I'm banned from doing? It's like that time I was kicked out of that Dodgers baseball game just because I "didn't have a ticket" and "wasn't wearing pants".

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The RNG said in my dream last night that if you hadn't posted anything to kitelife.com in the last week that you no longer qualified for the drawing. So for a few of us our odds have really increased! Most of my dreams come true! Lol.

Dream?? Dream?? Like Aerosmith once said - "Dream On!!"

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And here we go...


Lucky #482, this beautiful sky cruiser is going home with Barry Tislow!

Thanks everyone, great [kind hearted] trash talking on this one... I had a good chat with the RNG, and although s/he is incapable of rewarding any one individual effort, but s/he respects the collective effort very much and will continue trying to bring better and better opportunities for everyone. :)

Regards, stay tuned for the next prize coming up very soon!

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