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Karma - Prism Quantum *ready to fly* (10/24/15)


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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the Karma! In return I am offering a Prism Quantum Complete in the original bag with lines. It is in very good condition with a few small black stains on the yellow section from the carbon rods.



Quantum Specs

Skill Level Beginner - Intermediate Wing Span 84" (213 cm) Wind Range 3 - 25 mph (5 - 40 kmh) Speed Moderate - Fast Pull Medium - Strong Frame Pultruded Carbon Sail Ripstop Nylon, Mylar Laminate Flying Lines 85' x 150 lbs Spectra™ (26 m x 68 kg)

The drawing will be held on the morning of October 24th.

Hope this great looking kite finds a good home. So lets all jump in for this next Karma and play by the rules...

People that are in this Karma

1 jeepinjeepin WINNER

2 mywindstuff

3 elmo264

4 drdemonx

5 Mr.Lane

6 Stardragon

Standard Karma Note from the Moderators

This is a Karma Drawing. The winner of the drawing is expected to pay it forward by offering their own prize for the next drawing. Please do not enter unless you are willing to offer your own prize, preferably not the prize you just won. Drawings should be open for entry approximately 2 weeks, and the next drawing should be posted as soon as possible to keep the Karma rolling.

These drawings are run by and for KiteLife members. The moderating team only ensures that your drawing post contains all of the pertinent information (drawing date/time, adequate prize description, drawing rules) before approval.
If you are a KiteLife forum member from the US or Canada, you are eligible to enter. You do not have to be a paid subscriber. Members from Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii are welcome to enter the Karma drawings provided they are willing to pay half of the Karma prize shipping cost.

The method and timing of the payment will be agreed upon between the two parties after the drawing for a particular prize.

Here is the link to the original Rules and Guidelines thread: http://kitelife.com/forum/topic/5426-rules-and-guidelines-please-read/

The mechanism for the drawing itself is entirely at the discretion of the person offering the prize. In the past, entry number has been determined either by order of entry or by the post number in which the member declares entry into the drawing. The drawings have been performed using the RNG method (http://www.random.org/sequences/) or by choosing the numbers out of a hat (I believe an adorable daughter did the picking in that scenario). The only requirement is that the method of selection is clearly spelled out in the drawing post.

Entry into the drawings is done by STARTING a post in the drawing thread with the entry phrase chosen by the drawing host (Traditionally "I'm in", but "I LIKE" has been used as well). In order to remove any confusion or misinterpretation, only entries with posts that START with the phrase will be considered. As with all other KiteLife drawings, bantering is encouraged. This is for fun after all.

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I'm totally in. Only have 3 kites so I'd lived to have a new addition. Wife won't let me buy them anymore hahaha.

Hi, MrLane, and welcome to the forum. Good to have you here.

As far as the wife thing goes, just get her to fly and, voila, problem solved.

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As much as I like the Quantum, I realized I already have one that looks very similar to the Karma prize. If it was a Quantum Pro, I would probably want to stay in the drawing, but since I've been lucky enough to win a couple of times this year, I would much rather see one of the newbies or someone who doesn't have a nice handling kite win this one. So please withdraw my entry from the drawing, and I will wait until the next Karma drawing to enter again.

Thanks and good luck to all!


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Reading the forums the last several years I kept hearing about the Prism Quantum. I was gifted a Quantum Pro early on & never considered the Quantum until last year. I just wanted to know why it was mentioned as a beginner's kite over & over. Heard it was tough & knew that's a good thing. Good quality build at an affordable price ready to fly is very important too. So I walked into a kite store & bought one a year ago. Took it out on the beach & flew it in a pretty good wind. The sun was shining & my wife commented that it was the prettiest kite she'd seen me fly. Hmm, have some high dollar kites that she doesn't even comment on. Put a 75' Prism tube tail on it & everyone on the beach started watching. It pulled the tail with no problem at all. Went back to the mountains & only flew it in higher winds pulling the tail for the next while. So Friday I get a chance to go to Green Hill Park in Salem Virginia, one of the nearest great places to fly. Decide to take the Zephyr, the Quantum, the 4D, the Micron & the Stylus P2. All Prism, all entry level kites, but covering all conditions. Flew the Z until the gusts hit over 13 and it started to shudder. Flew the P2 & learned some new foil flying techniques in the changing winds. But I was there to fly the Quantum. I am not a trick flier but I try. So the Quantum is said to be harder to trick than the boutique maker kites. Maybe so, but I put it on it's back up high & easily flew it to a landing in that position. Took off straight up, easily rolled it up & flew around rolled up even without yo yo stops. Guess it catches on the exposed leading edge connectors. Flew down low & unrolled it with a little pop on the lines. Next I rolled up the Quantum twice. Even did a few shaky half axels. Back flip launch to fade, no problem. Wow! I guess I should fly it a bit more often. Tried some flares but the wind was pretty strong & I could not pull it to a fade. But it is there I'm sure. What it may mean is that I am really still a beginner. SHBKF

edit: just sayin' it's a good kite

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