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Line Loops / Eyesplice a kiteline


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Here is a loop made on (worn out) 90lb LPG with the different steps.

@Wayne, you do not have to make large loops since there is no knot it is easy to do the larkshead as big as you want...

To remove from the kite you have to slide the larkshead away from the bridle stopper knot first.

These loops can also be used for line extensions...


First form the loop about 1 inch from the end by threading the line trough the small end


Tighten (some of the line around the hole has to turn inside out)


Thread again through the other side of the line


To get this interlock.


Tighten and thread through the first (short) side of the line again


And again through the main side of the line



Then thread the remaining of the line though the main part


Taper the end of the line and tighten




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Sorry - but try taking that tight larkshead off the bridle attachment easily! Especially if wet or cold! I use little pull tabs made from the core of bridle line used as sleeving, on all my loops. Makes taking lines off at the end of the day, much easier! Also used on my lines at the handle end to make adjustment fast and easy. 


Just wait til you're over 60, then you'll find you will use every trick you can to make it easier!


Posted Image


Here is a pic of something I use.

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Yep! You can make the loops large, then tie in those tabs, or use another line to make some tabs and add them. I usually add them, but have tied in some on bigger loops. My key here is big loops! Making tabs in small loops just makes the loop even smaller and harder to remove!

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No magnifying glass, it took 10 minutes, because of the stops to take the pictures. It would have taken 5 else I guess. With 150lb, the braid is tighter so it is a bit longer.

Most of it is explained well in the first video you posted, but my way of threading each part through the other one twice allows for much less loose line to thread back at the end, and has a much better resistance against slipping when using new laserpro line and getting it wet...

The idea of tying a knot like on John's video kindof defeats the purpose of a splice... (Note that splices weaken the line much less than knots...)

@Wayne, this is the setup I have on the lines I use in comps, because it should be easier for the helpers, although some try to larkshead the smaller loops when changing kites... When I want to remove one from the rev bridles I slip the larkshead away from the stopper knot (even with gloves...) and then separate the two strands of bridle which pulls the larkshead open... I'll try to take pics. I'm 55 so 60 is getting close...

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Is #200 thicker than #150 ?

Is #150 is thicker than #90 ?

Is laser pro differs from laser pro gold ?

I just noticed lines is thicker than other for example ... sticker on winder said  #90 but look at the line looks thicker than #200 ... how can identify this (for real) ?

I may have to take photo of those lines and show you then you can decide from there ... need photos? 

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