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What do you like about the Kite Lines content?

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I'd be curious to take a reading on how many of you have actually browsed the Kite Lines archives, and what you found to be of the most interest... Please take a moment to share your thoughts with us. 



Oh, Man! There's so much I get from those Kite Line archives! A letter from Mr. Scott explaining why he named his design 'Scott-sleds'. From the man himself I read his explanation of why they were called sleds and not flexible flyers! [vol3-4, page 8, winter-spring of '81]. I've read a full history of the delta kites! A lot of the articles and how-to info often pertain to the kind of flying I do now. And reading those old full page advertisements amuse me to no end!

Each volume is a wealth of knowledge and news from and about those great kiteflyers that preceeded us, that created the clubs, contests, and whole kiting world that we participate in today. Archiving those old magazines keeps those people and ideas alive!

Thanks to all involved for taking the time to create these archived files. You keep archiving and I'll keep reading them at one thirty in the morning!!!


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Hi, I totally agree what had be said before. I am reading every Issue and enjoy every site. All the advetising sites are also very interesting to see what was selling in the stores at this time. Kite Lines is/was a nice Magazin wrote by someone with a big heart for kites. I enjoy it! Thanks for all the work to scan every Issue!!

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how about the summer 1994 issue with a few looks of kite water sports..pierre fabre was doing reasearch on that wipcat system.. and of course mel govig doing the 1st buggy blast at ivanpah lake bed in navada.. it just gets better and better .. great year for kites and one of the better issues i liked in the kitelines section

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