Anyone flying about in Dorset...

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After a little googling I have just ordered my first Rev..John Barresi Rev 1.5 Mid Vent....hoping it will be here for Christmas.


I live in North Dorset near Shaftesbury and work in Poole near Poole park.


I was am looking for advice about everything please(Mainly kite relatedsmile.png


Could anyone recommend good places to fly near me ?


Is there anyone near me who fly rev's and would maybe like to meet up ?


Any tips for what to and not to do !




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well, kite locations online does not have the latest updated locations ... I fly my kites inland in a wide open area with less people, no nearby trees and no power line such as park and recreation (baseball field area is normally open and very FLAT) ... you just need to find a open land with less obstruction like tall trees, buildings that block the wind stream ... flying over mowed grass is best, because tall wheat/grass or farm land cut-down (spikes) crops can hurt the mesh by dragging and don't fly over asphalt or gravels because it can wear out the leading edge bridle of a kite quickly and costs about $12USD to replace yourself ... 

UK : ( I see 3 clubs at  Dorset )

Poole :

Poole. 26 acres of grassy park. Excellent for playing frisbee, football and kite flying.

Just google "kite flying location"


I am in Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA ...

... that is where and the only place that makes Corvette (vehicle) 

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