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I bought it new about 3 years ago and have flown it maybe 4 times ( probably more like twice) has both sizes of leading edges and comes with lines and handles.


its just too large for me to take flying as I only get to the beach by motorcycle or by flying. I'd like a nice crispy 1 meter vented model complete with lines and handles. Got anything interesting that packs up small?



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5 hours ago, Wayne Dowler said:

1 meter? That's smaller than anything Rev makes! Rev 1.5s are 7+' long and Rev 2s or B2s are 6' long, but about 32" long when folded up!

Maybe a Backtracker would be a good choice ?        :lol:

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I can't tell if your mention of a 1 meter kite is just because you want something that packs up small, or if you really are looking for a kite that is that small.  If the former, you could also consider getting a Rev with a travel frame.  Basically, instead of a 3 piece leading edge, each of those sticks are cut in half and ferruled, so you end up with 6 sticks of half the length.  Same with the vertical sticks.  I know you can get the Rev 1.5 (that's not 1.5 meter by the way, Rev's numbering system is not the same as the convention that power kites use, if you're familiar with that) with a travel frame.  It may be possible to get travel frames for other sizes as well.  So, for a Rev 1.5, which normally have 31" sticks, with a travel frame you end up with 15.5" sticks plus a couple inches or so for the ferrules that are on some of them.  Designed to be small enough to fit in a suitcase when packed up.  Hopefully small enough for your motorcycle too.  

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