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3 line foil to 4 line foil

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i just got a HP rush V pro 250 foil today. its setup as a 3 line kite. the 3rd line pulls both sides of the breaks. i just opened it up on the floor, and it looks like i could remove the cross line between the brake bridals and hook them to break lines on a set of handles. is that feasible? maybe im trying to reinvent the horse. i guess ya use the breaks from both sides normally anyhow. HMMMMMM ill be learning to fly 1 handed, and could just pull the 3rd line for breaks. by one handed i mean walking back if i get pulled too far forward. i got a great deal on a used kite-surfing bar i intend on using for kite bugging down the road. depending on needed kite, and cost of a buggy.


LOL only just getting back into kiteing, and already wanting to kite buggy!. oh well. as usual i dont test the water i just jump both feet into the ocean with lead boots on. sink or swim i guess.

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