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B-Series STD Package (5/25/16)

John Barresi

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  • 2 weeks later...

I fear we are all wasting our time trying to gain favor with the RNG! 

Idea! Has the RNG ever dated?? Maybe it's lonely and gets its jollies out of disappointing us? Ya know,like misery loves company, or something like that!

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5 hours ago, DeafThunder said:

quit jinx-ing it :P

But I like torturing myself with trying to figure out the why and how of the RNG!! So far, nothing I've tried has worked! Silence, yelling, taunting, sarcasm, you name it, I've tried it! 


Think I'll go sit in the corner and have a good cry!


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Recently I was testing the limitations of 16mph winds and a standard 1.5, While learning inverted hovers in high wind, I can honestly say I need to learn how to give to the kite a little better versus driving her into the ground. Slight time lapses while trying to remember push, pull, or push and pull, or pull and push... Up is down and down is up... Also remember to change the rails in higher winds to something other than two's. Broken vertical and feeling defeated I remembered my new kite coming and felt all warm inside! Thanks RNG

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