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    • By John Barresi
      We're pleased to yet again announce the next prize being given away to our most appreciated supporters, the Kitelife Subscribers... For roughly 10 cents per day they play a major role in keeping KL growing in every way.
      This time around we have a mixed bag of Revolution equipment...
      One full 2-wrap frame for a Rev 1.5, roughly a $90 value!

        Three Rev kite display poles, roughly a $105 value ($35 ea)!

        One set of standard 13" Rev handles, roughly a $50 value!
      All told, this prize package has a retail value of approximately $245.
      You can sign up here.
      Odds of winning for this prize is currently 1/354, and will be drawn on Sep 23rd, 2017!
      Our thanks, and the very best to you... Let the drooling begin!
    • By John Barresi
      General belief in my early years of flying was that carbon spars can become brittle in extreme cold conditions and while it's a given that carbon can become brittle if it's cold enough, I was wondering if any of you folks might have some personal kite experience on the subject?
      I have only flown in below freezing conditions a couple of times, -10c on a B-Series full vent with a 3 wrap frame and around 28f on a B-Series STD with Black Race frame... I didn't have any issues, but older Rev rods are notoriously tough.
      Whaddya know?
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