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"2016" Airport Traveling TSA Rules

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There are links about TSA and kites etc ... but extremely outdated ...

... 9/11, ISIS, etc etc has increased the security SO TIGHT ...

I don't want to lose my kites and have them keep them forever !!! 


We may be going to Kite Festival and stay in that area for a week at the end of June 2016 ... I can't wait to fly it at the beach.

... is all kites & accessories legally safe thru airport to airport in the USA in the year of Spring/Summer 2016 ?

Kites, Handles, Strings & Sleeves should be ok ? ... but no tools (like scissor, stakes. lighter etc are probably will be taken away at airport, will leave those at home)

What if they say "no carbon fiber rods" on the aircraft ?

I thought about using PVC, but it will definitely raise the heat, because it may looks like a "Airplane 2: The Sequel (7/10) Movie CLIP - Not A Buh, A Bomb (1982)"

I like the clear tube better than solid tube as a carry-on bag ... so, it won't looks like a Buh ...


Is it much better and much safer to mailing those kites to hotel and send it back home for lesser price (not breaking the rods and signature) ?

What do I need to know about flying kites at the beach ? ... I don't want to break the rules

I would like to know the "whole nine yards" about all those ... Thanks.

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there are some suggestions & few questions ...

... hopefully all of these are very useful ideas and quick references


The only thing to watch for with tubes is to make sure it doesn't roll, ie, square off a corner.


allow you to place the tube ON TOP of existing luggage in the overhead - zero impact to fellow passengers and crew.


a light weight PVC tube with end caps. 36"L x 4" with end caps.


might want to read your airline's travel rules before you fly.


Big kites go in a compression sack


Rods are pulled out of the Revs and put into a fly rod case ... that becomes the "personal" item that's carried on the plane.


bubble wrap for extra padding.


All of the above is airline "legal" so, with a printout of the airline rules, you'll receive no hassle at boarding. The rolled up Rev size bag is technically too big for carry on status. Thus, you'll be stopped once in awhile and asked to gate check ... or be charged as a second bag.


water pipe insulation


 the bag i use now is an old beach chair bag but it holds 20 revs nicely.. will that work as a carry on??? 


plastic tube inside with a chair bag as carry-on


use a strong telescopic architectural document/artist/plans drawing tube available from most good art shops

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