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Flying Wings - Soul Tensioning Leading Edge


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Just picked up 2 Flying Wings Souls and I for the life of me can not figure out how to tension the wings. There are 2 holes in kite, inline with leading edge. Tension line has a overhand loop tied into it with a 8 inch tail.  Directions that came with kite are not understandable at best. Pictures are really small and directions are as follow:

Insert the wing tip tension line through the loop near to the webbing, pull tension line all the way down and through the groove of the nock at the tip. Cover with soft endcap.



Can you help me?

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In both pics, the end with loop seems to go through the first hole from the picture side. What does it attach to on the reverse side?

Top pic - lines from knot run into the first hole, and got where on the back side?

Bottom pic - lines from knot run into the first hole, and where on the back side?

Top pic - line from loop seems to go up to nook and then to hole #2. Where does it go from there?



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Ok, first push the loop end of the tensioner through the lower hole

Take the other end, loop it around the nock and back up the other side

take it through the lower hole loop and up to the top hole

thread it through the top hole ( from the back to the front) and pull it down tight back through the nock where the knot in the     tensioner should hold it tight.


I'll try and put a picture up later if you have trouble.

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