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Ok, I got a question bout the vids. On the Axle, you state that the kite axle's so that it moves into the "Nose Towards You" position as it travles through the Axle. Is this correct? And how do you make the kite axle so that the nose is towards you. In all of my Axle's the nose of the kite is pointing away from me. Makes me wonder if I have been doing it wrong all this time? :clap;

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i liked the turtle demo i now see what i was doing wrong gonna give it a try this weekend


I enjoyed watching all these animations a while back, there a great help in understanding the movement of the kite during a trick.

There are more animations at www.eolo.com which also shows hand positions during the tricks.

Prism kites have added more animations to their site at www.prism.com under Pilot's lounge. They have also

added video clips from their freestyle pilot dvd, but with the sound muted. This is a good idea, at least you can see what the dvd is like

before you purchase it.

I have the freestyle pilot, trick or treat, and flightschool dvds plus I've downloaded all of Randy Greenway's tutorials. I found them all

very good and I watch them on a regular basis.

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