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I probably should wait for JB to mention this....


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I like that last picture... breathe it in, enjoy the moment ! Who needs sleep, you can sleep when you're dead. Just as everyone told me, I'll tell you that they're right, it all goes so fast. 

Congratulations & the best to the 3 of ya !

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You know, we've all been sleeping really well... Not like six hours straight, but the (cluster) feedings are easy and relaxed because we co-sleep, minimal interruption to anyone's flow.

That, and I worked hard to insluate these few months so that our being together isn't in competition with anything else in our lives... We're here, we eat, we sleep, we learn, we love. ;)

Yes, he's a Zen baby.

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That's the real unfortunate thing in today's material world, so many parents are divided from simply being *with* their children as much as they could be - I've worked hard to favor physical presence and relation over material gain - anyone can become a millionaire at any time, if they have strong character and truly present parents... We don't want much. 🙂

Not implying we'll short him on opportunity, or that others are wrong for what they feel they have to do (every life is different), just where our own priorities are.

I've spent enough extended time on the ground in developing countries to know affluence has zero bearing on the growth and innate happiness of a child. 🙂

We named him Luca Taiyo with good reason, we trust his light and just want to fertilize his own recollection(s) of what he has come to do here... Not empty, full with a kind of amnesia.

Luca = "bringer of light"

Taiyo = Japanese for "sun"

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The other thing that irks me is cliches...

"Life is going to change now..."

Life is change (hopefully), and if you already live a simple life without going out a lot, watching tons of sports, etc, it's just more life - we've given up nothing with Luca coming into our home, it's actually motivated and purified both TK and I even further toward our own evolution, quality of action and communication.

"Better catch up on sleep..."

We're co-sleeping, and even with Luca feeding every 20-40 minutes for more than a day, we haven't lost any sleep... No six hour runs, but we're so relaxed that the awesome power naps in-between have us well rested.

I get it, I really do... Some babies are tougher than ours, but I think there's also a lot to be said for how the household operates (and the individuals in it). :)

Still, I can't help but feel a sense of projection of parroting what others have heard before, not evil, just self-perpetuating.

That's just me - like I said, every life is different an that is what makes each of us (souls) a singuarity unto itself.

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