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Want to BUY. Kite Stake (Marble /Glass style)

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Would like to buy a METAL kite stake with the Marble style top.  12 inches or whatever.

PS  I have a few Golf Ball plastic ones    . ...........  And tried a few companies that make the kind i want.    and cant get them right now.

So if You have one to send me???.  Ka Bam  PM me please.  (color is not an issue)  Has to be the marble style with metal shaft..

Thank you peeps.

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you may build your own, you need just a glass marble from eBay from 3 to 120 $ , a stainless steel road, a round cabinet handle, a 1/4 diamante bit and an universal glue from Home Depot. some time, some imagination probably a bit more expensive then a purchased one  but will be "home made" and for sure you will be more pride with.

i build for myself two, one black with white mix for grass and one red with gold insertions for sand.

all the best

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59 minutes ago, bbailey49 said:

Walt at LS Custom Kite Acessories is out?

Walt has gone through some personal issues and his stake and handle business are on hold for a bit! Sounds like he wants to get it back up and running, just not sure when.

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Hello, I'm Eric.  

I actually made the ones that Andy is carrying currently at Ocean Shores kites.  I got into this sport when Andy was carrying Walt's and remembered how cool they are.  I gradually got into bigger kites needed some cool stakes.  I asked Andy about the custom stakes that he used to carry.  He mentioned that Walt was currently not making them.  I offered to make some as a stop gap until Walt starts making them again.  Andy has had mine there for two summer's.  

Mine are simular marbles (i have also done mini pool balls) a machined aluminum connector with a 1/4" stainless shaft 12" long.  The shaft and connector are pressed together.  The ball adhered on with epoxy.  I radial grain all of the metal parts (sorry not polished). I believe Walt also made holder sheaths, which I have not done.

Below are pictures of one's that i made previously (on ocean shores kites counter).  I am away from my house so I cannot post pictures of what I currently have.




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51 minutes ago, John Barresi said:

Walt (@LS Kite Stakes) has been a longtime support of KiteLife, I hope he comes back online with those stakes sometime - the style is super popular! :)

I totally agree.  I have never met Walt but have only heard or read good things about him. I wish him the best.

I have only sold kites to Andy to keep something similar in his shop until Walt returns.  I have given one or two kite stake to a few friends.  

I'm not trying to step into any toes..

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I contacted Walt about 6 months ago and asked if he was still making kite stakes. He told me he had some on hand but wasn't making many. He sent me pictures of what he had and asked which one(s) I wanted to buy. I replied with my selections and I never heard back from him. I emailed him a few times after that to see if he was ok with no response...

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The first couple I used I made from golf balls and 1/4" fiberglass rod. The golf balls were ones I had found (free), and the rod was what snowplowing outfits used to mark curbs in parking lots (also free). They don't collect all of them at the end of the season, especially the ones that have been damaged during plowing operations, which still have undamaged sections long enough to make a kite stake. I still use one of my originals, I think the first one I made. It is 14" long and works fine in sand. The rest I have given to new pilots. I have one of Walt's that was a gift from another flyer, in black with silver swirls and I love it.

I have used sticks that I found lying around on a couple occasions when I didn't have a kite stake on my person, a long thin Phillips screwdriver when I first started, and a writing pen in a pinch once. 

Whatever gets you through the night, it's alright, it's alright . . . . 

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Hi all!

I am still here, but life has thrown me some major curves. Right now my workshop is full of, "ahem", crap, and it makes it really hard to find the space, and sometimes, find the tools, to make parts for kite stakes. I have also lost my source for the Davis kite stakes, Davis glass the maker of the really nice marbles, is no longer in business. I still have originals, and I have a few in my rack right now, but choices are limited. PM me here or on facebook and I will send you photos of what I have ready to go. Other than that, once I am able to clean out the 8ft high mound of boxes out of my workshop, have a major yard sale, and get back to a real life job, I will be able to start making stakes again, and opening my online sales.


Not everything in photo is available......must contact me to see what I have.


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