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SOLD - Aerie Kiteworks - Vented AirFX Grey Fade - For Sale

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This is a kite that I hate to see go. I have won several masters class competitions with this awesome kite back in the day. One of my favorites. A Vented Grey Fade AirFX! Hand sewn by Ken McNeil when he owned and operated Aerie Kiteworks. The kite features four vented panels near the trailing edge along with two stand offs and a batten on each wing tip. It is an ultra precise kite and is in excellent condition. It has an Avia Sport frame and measures 95"x40". I am asking $200 or best offer because this is a rare kite. I accept PayPal and shipping is free in the US! Cheers!




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11 hours ago, Barry Taylor said:

Was doing some poking around for info on AirFX vented's......came across this!!!

I have two standard FX's and one is just like this one.....message has been sent.




Hi, Barry, and welcome to the forum. I'm glad you found us. l look forward to flying with you someday.

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