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PDX Urban Boot Camp (Jul 9 and 16, 2016) **SOLD OUT**

John Barresi

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Full day dedicated to learning our way around short line (30') quad line flying - focus on tuning, basic "holding patterns" to maintain flight with minimal effort, 360s, up and over, catch and throw, variable and no wind conditions.

Light / variable wind flying in urban environments IS possible without a great deal of effort after you've got a handle on the fundamentals - then you can fly anywhere, even your front yard or in a local courtyard - just think how much gas this will save you! :)

We only have space for FOUR students this time around, this is a one day semi-informal gathering at Overlook Park in Portland, OR... Registration is $100 per person, discounted to $75 for KiteLife subscribers.

Location - https://goo.gl/maps/NH7rr46qrDw

Video from the same location...


Students should come equipped with 30 foot lines - 50# Skybond is preferred, but 90#/100# or LPG is acceptable... You'll also do best with a STD 1.5 size Revolution kite equipped with 2 wrap, black race or diamond rods, it could also be useful to have mid-vent but it's very rarely needed.

These are TWO different workshops on different Saturdays, you are welcome to attend either one or both.

Registered for the 9th (finished):

  • Dylan N.
  • Cardin N.
  • Khanh N.

Registered for the 16th (CLASS IS FULL):

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Another great day out at Overlook with @P.V. Nguyen's family, @crazy5 and @flexifoil21... Still very light and variable winds but everyone added more to their quiver of skills and we talked a LOT of shop about equipment and flight - thanks a lot guys, really a pleasure. :)

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