Smallest functional kite for trick flying?

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Hi all!

Just wondering what the smallest kite you've flown (with success) for trick flying was? I don't think I've found videos of anyone tricking anything as small as a micron but they have to be somewhere right? 

I'd love to hear your stories!

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Smallest I've been able to trick well on is the "Jump" by Level One, not made anymore I think. :(

Shrink your movements enough and its capable of Jacob's Ladder, roll ups, Cascade, Comete, you name it... All on a wingspan of about 3' or so.

Such a great little kite, I bought two. :D

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I'm going to throw out a variant of the question that is more specific to me...

Would a 7' wing be a better fit than an 8' wing when flying on 50' lines?

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I'm going to throw out a variant of the question that is more specific to me...

Would a 7' wing be a better fit than an 8' wing when flying on 50' lines?

General rule, yes. But there would be circumstances.

A bigger wing can get even bigger the shorter lines you use but it will have a wider usable wind range.

A 7 foot wing is great on 30 footers. However I use my UL rather than the Standard.

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Thinking, what type of 7 footer and 8 footer? With respect to freestyle a 7 footer would be better BUT an 8 foot poly kite will still be tricky but the rotations and roll ups will require more attention to height above the ground.

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I'm only just starting to grasp what I need to do to trick ... so the smaller window makes it tough since there's no speed control or hover to think. Just trying to find a speed / size / window balance that I can work with

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Speed can be trimmed with nose back bridle setting.

Hover (stall) is achievable walking forward and such.

A bigger kite would be slower.

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      I've don't tonnes of research on kites but haven't flown any OPKs so it is hard to compare proper stunt kites to this little one. As long as the kite isn't too huge I'm sure I'll love it to death!
      Thanks for reading!
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