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Hey, WOW ! Thanks Kitelife !!! What a great early start to Kite Season !    I would buy the lifetime membership up front, but I've got 3 kids that spend most of my 'kite money' at the mome

Good excuse for a photo upload test. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app

Good winds your way!

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21 hours ago, Roger_Lingelem said:

It really deserves to fly in the Norwegian sky :-)

Correction, it deserves to fly in the Nordic sky! The reason? - I've still not gotten either of the two kites I ordered previously yet, since they are still waiting for one of them (also a beast, but of a different type). All I ask for (I'm not in this drawing obviously) is that when you, Roger_Lingelem, win it, use long lines a fly it across the national border so that I at least can catch a glimpse of it:)!

Before the order, I asked the kite shop if they could supply a ITW Hydra ("ITW" since I didn't mean the HQ Hydra traction kite) and a John Barresi/ITW Kymera and after a 1.5 weeks delay (vacation times?) they returned with a bit surprising reply:


Delivery time approx. 2 Weeks. ... If you want that we order for you, we need your payment latest August 10th. ITW Kymera is on stock, which colour do you want and which John Barresi?

Let that sink in for a second. Administrators for sale? I think that the JB-model that I prefer is the kind, kite all-knowing sort that daily minds his forum and members in the best possible way. (OK, the last statement was perhaps a bit on the ingratiating side):)

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8 hours ago, kevmort said:

@Exilt do you mean the kite shop in the U.K. ??

Nope, and I'm not going to give any further clues. The purpose of extracting parts of the conversation was to share a fun and unexpected situation, without embarrassing individual sales employees. ... Hmm... I think such things could be generalized into a topic. How about a "Kite related misunderstandings and unexpected fun situations" topic in the "Home > General Kite Stuff > Open Topic" forum, the next time someone experiences something of that kind? I also realise that this post has completely left the Kymera drawing topic, not a single word relates to it and that I probably should volunteer for a walk into the corner of shame.:unsure:

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Hey, WOW ! Thanks Kitelife !!! What a great early start to Kite Season ! 



Congrats Rob, and thanks for sticking with us for so long. :)

I would buy the lifetime membership up front, but I've got 3 kids that spend most of my 'kite money' at the moment. I'll be here on the year to year basis for now, but I will always be here. To me, Kitelife is more important than the AKA, it brings people together from all over the world to enable the Kite Addiction. Any of you who are geographically isolated from the kiting hotspots know what I mean.


(he didn't even trash talk once on this one, just shameful)


Do I trash talk ? I thought I was more in the ooo and ahhh crowd when it came to drawings.... all right, sometimes I kid about the prize flying to the east coast. I'm hoping that one of my kids will join me in pairs (or pairs together), flying the old green Kymera & the new Blue side by side. The bigger two kids are 7&8 now, they can both fly a two line foil, so I'm hoping that their skills will explode in the coming year and they'll be ready to fly a more serious kite. 

* Happy Dance *


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Congrats Rob !!!

Ill take a SUL Skyburner Pro dancer off your hands now.  LOL  just kidding.  Ill get one some day.

Enjoy Brother !!!   PS.  Still fly and Love the Sea Devil UL and now She has an SUL and STD. to hang out with.


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