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I mentioned awhile back about powered parachutes.

This is why I bought my land here.

I was into ppc's years before buying my kite flying land.

Wow! back in the day we was talking about jumping out but never did that stupid stunt!

I just looked on the internet and people are actually jumping out!

That's why I live here, that's why I don't need a bag of kites to go elsewhere.

I even looked at the one video and it was 5000', not flying for awhile I thought 7500'+

To me it's still kiting. I don't like wasting money looking at video's on line, but this is the flying part of me, including kites. And I'm a big time Rev kite flier!search?q=powered+parachute+skydive&view=

I don't know if anyone got to see this but, I'm still 20 from the neck up!

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I saw the leading up to the attempt, but I side tracked. If you do it by the book things go mostly right, there is always the oops part that distracts you from the perfect formula. He was probably dressed well enough to glide into his target. The interesting part of his decent was half the trip had no O2 in nature for him to breathe.

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