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Quad stacks


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Sweet, 8, you gonna fly them all at once from the get go? You asked about handles and lines, don't forget to take into consideration the first kite's spars.

I have 5 B2s, gonna add a sixth, vented for the front.

Read through this, a boatload of stacking info. http://www.revkites.net/forum/topic/104-seeking-advice-on-how-to-stack-revs/


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If they were already set up as an 8-stack by an experienced flyer, then you should be all set, and the frame on the first kite should be strong enough to support the pull of the kites behind it. I would go 13" or 11" handles, leaning towards the 11's unless you have very strong forearms. With that much sail area involved the stack has the leverage advantage over most pilots, i.e., lots of strength needed to hold inputs. 

I would use line at least 200#, but would prefer 250# to be on the safe side in case you catch a bad gust. A broken line on an 8-stack will create an incredibly tangled mess of kites, lines, etc. 

Post pictures and video. Sounds like it's gonna be fun.

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the space between the kites matters also,... some like Alden Miller (Jimi Hendrix stake) prefer them closer together (3 foot) less power and all the same length lines

I have always used 2/3rd of the leading edge length as a proportion, more precision as each one fetches up tight, I also have the last kite catch the braking action 1st by being ever so slightly shorter at the bottoms,.. 1/16th, or "half a knot"

The best set-up I have ever witnessed was by Harold Ames, the train lines were single strands that connected to the first kite's bridle and each stacking kite was independently affixed to a common train line, not only that, but the knots (larks head) fell into the end-caps during flight pressure upon the sail, so nothing was a tangle point

to begin your black magic tutorial course in stack tuning, start with six lines all even, ignore the center point one for now, it might be a different length and it is necessary eventually.

you should have a partner help you by/to stand underneath the kite and examine where slack is and where lines are tight.

Harold's stacks would hold a hover and remain stationary, you could walk a 360 with the kites inverted on hundred foot lines,oh and one more thing they were 42 inches across on the leading edge ,... baby Ryvs!  They flew with just the width of your thumbs necessary for course corrections or flight changing attitudes.

A stack doesn't have to back-up or lock in step when hovered, but you will feel the difference if you tune towards these objectives.

NEVER take a stack apart,  unless you want the refresher course again in stake tuning's black magic.

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The linesets I fly with are 75' to under 80' and use 13" handles, mostly. An 8stack of rev2's maybe 200# or less can be max. I never had the opportunity to fly a stack of 8 rev2's.

I dislike flying with 68' or under.

You'll know what's right for you, soon enough, try 75'.

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