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Breaking spars


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OK, Freilein Vertigo Max.  That's the kite I bought at Kites Unlimited.  It's super vented.  It's not that expensive compared to revs, and is probably considered a knock off of the Rev.  

But with the equalized lines and super vented, I was in nearly complete control.  I mean, I'll not any good, but I figured out how to do tip landings with almost no force.  I also nearly tip landed on my son's hand.  My wife has a picture I'll post later of that.  

Anyway, victory!  Thanks everyone for the tips!

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Beyond making sure everything is equalized and being on the right kite (frame, vent, etc), only the upper 10%-20% of pilots become sensitive to (and desire) certain characteristics beyond that point.

End of the day, I'm sure there is a wrong quad for any novice or intermediate flier to get into - as long as they get info like this so the gear serves them as well as possible. :)

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