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Freilein Vertigo and Freilein Vertigo Max. a review

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So today i had a short opportunity to fly my new Freilein Vertigo and Vertigo Max kites. Winds were around 8-10 MPH and directions shifting a bit, but i was able to fly both kites for a short period of time. To keep my impressions absolutely fair, I used my handles and lines from my Rev and kept the same handle knot settings initially so it could be a direct comparison..

Disclaimer, This is my opinion and my opinion only.. your Mileage may vary. The Freilein Kites were from the onset initially very brake heavy (like a Paul LeMasters tuning Brake Heavy) but I tuned in the flying line 2 knots and it was very much like what I'm personally more used to for my Revs.. That being said, if i closed my eyes and just felt the sensations through the handles, the Vertigo was extremely close to having my Rev 1.5 sail on the end of the lines. Hovering inverted was very close to the same touch as my Rev sails.. I'm sure someone more in tuned to their kites than me could probably tell a difference but I couldn't. Frame material felt to be somewhere between a 2 and 3 Wrap in stiffness and performance. The LE sleeve on the sail is not oversized and would not accept a SLE frame easily if at all.. I can't see anyone trying in the first place..

Once the wind picked up a bit I changed out the kite to the Vertigo Max. It was at the low end of the wind range for the Max but I wanted to get the sail in the air. Like the Full Sail, I'm sure it would have seemed brake heavy at first if I hadn't adjusted the handles already for the full sail. It didn't fly like a Vented Rev or like a Shook Weave. It flew like something in between.  Same basic responsiveness but the feel was more like flying a full sail in lighter wind.. I did like the similarity there though. 

I did remember to take my Go Pro cameras.. I didn't however remember to install the SD memory so I didn't get footage today.. I will record some soon before I stack out the full sails..

Here's a few pics from the Gallery when I first got them.. More pics and footage soon.. Will post it all here..


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They do have some broken images o their site..


Here's a pic of a Exodus Stack (Progressive Venting) before the LE Screen change.. Not my pic.. It was shared by another kiter at ExtremeKites Forum.. ( Grateful Dave B )

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I have yet to see one in the US that didn't go through OSK.. They seem to be the North American Distributor.. The LE change seems to be on the Exodus.. The Vertigo to my knowledge still has the Mesh.. Vertigo & Exodus, two different kites by Freilein..

The Exodus also has the more integrated framing and more venting options....  Pictures from OSK and shared with ExtremeKites.. Vertigo only in Full Sail and MAX (full vent)

Exodus has four venting options,  Full Sail, Mid Vent, Max and MAXXX

The Fabric between the two lines also seems to be different but I haven't ordered an Exodus yet.. waiting until I'm comfortable with the Vertigo before investing more in a new company's product..


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Freilein Packing and unpacking addendum..

   After unpacking and repacking the sails a few times, I've noticed the bag they come in seems about an inch too short for standard folding practices. Especially if you want to vary your fold points to prevent creasing/screen damage etc. It fits nicely if you fold somewhat tightly where the center section creates a natural crease but for those that want to preserve their sails, you'll have to either adjust one end in and the other end out or grab a bigger sleeve. I'd prefer the bag be about 1.5" to 2" longer.

This kite is seated all the way to the bottom of the bag but I've varied my fold according to general best practices only to find I can't close the bag without forcing the issue a bit..


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So I had a nice chat with Andy at OSK today regarding the Freileins and my bag concern.. He graciously accepted the bag feedback and promised it would be a change based on those comments. He did say the mesh is different and less prone to the mesh issue we are familiar with but the consumer should be able to fold their kite as they please within reason. I'll follow up on this point in the future when I get more information..

While I had him on the line I was also able to get some clarification on a few other points about the Freilein Kites and the Vertigo and Exodus lines.. I had made the statement above that the Exodus had the holes instead of the mesh on the leading Edge and the Vertigo had the more familiar mesh. He stated that it was a coincidence of my observations..Both models will have the holes and the newly built kites from both models now have that feature. It will make it out to the field through attrition as he goes through stock on hand. Depends on color, model etc..

He also clarified that the Vertigo will continue to be only the full sail and the Max models. If you want a mid-vent or the MAXXX you will need to go the Exodus route..

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@riffclown Hey, thanks for passing on the questions and concerns I had. That's most awesome of you.

But I pulled the trigger on a B-Series Rev today from a kite store in Canada. Should be here next week.

I figured that between the US currency conversion, possible tariffs at the border, and a somewhat unproven sail (seems to be very few reviews/impressions around) , I'd be better off buying a Rev from within Canada. That said, when it comes time to get a vented sail, maybe the Freilein would be an excellent option.

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Slight divergence from Topic but still on topic of Bags.. I wanted to have a bag to store my Red/White/Blue Stack in so I came up with this simple drawstring bag in RWB of course..Was my Saturday Morning Project.... It allows me to fold the stack together and roll as loosely as I desire (also allows me to add a few more kites before the bag starts getting tight)....Added  Photoshopped idea.. Maybe I should silkscreen it.


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Added Branded Concept Bag..
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I can't answer all of your questions but OSK answered mine.  As for the company, they answer their phone. Their number is available on the OSK site or their Facebook.  For example, they also adjusted their Bags based on consumer input (mine) in a matter of hours and it was the first time I'd ever talked to the guy.  I'm pleased with the craftsmanship so far. Still way too early to make a opinion on the durability of the materials but you can bet, pro or con, I'll post my opinion here. I'm not compensated in any way by this company or their competitors so you can bet my comments are based on MY opinion. Right now it seems to be a decent product at a decent Price. Only time will tell.

To respond to some other questions. per the OSK website,

"..sails sewn by master artisans. All materials cut by computer guided laser, perfect every time. Dyneema and Dacron bonded no fray leading edge. Invisiclear-no grind, no stretch, anti-wear strips. Kevlar center reinforcement. HP Core, sheathed, round braid, black bridle.

Vertigo series is crafted with 1/3 oz. polyester sail.
Exodus series is crafted with 1/2 oz. polycarbonate/icarex sail."

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