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I recently acquired a stack of TRLBY kites that needs a little bit of work.  I'm sure much of it is fine, but I'd like to take this opportunity to learn more about stacks anyways so I have a handful of questions to the experienced flyers of stacks.

  1. What kind of line should I use to make link-lines?  Dacron?
  2. What kind of knots (and configuration) should I use for the lines?  Clips or not?  The TRLBY setup typically uses these paper clip type things to attach the bridle to the spars.  Should those be used in stacking setups, or should I make little leaders that I larkshead lines to?  What is easiest if I want to be able to change the stack size and/or fly the kite as a single quickly/easily?
  3. What weight of line for link-lines for various stack sizes/wind conditions?
  4. How long should the link lines be for TRLBY stacks?  I've read 18".
  5. Anything special about length of the first/last set of link lines?  Are all others equal?  I think I read somewhere that you want to do something special with the link lines for the last kite, but I don't remember if it was longer altogether, or just one that points the kite a little differently than the rest of the stack.
  6. Any good links (preferably with pictures) of a "phantom" and how it works for larger stacks?  How large of a stack can I fly without worrying about one?
  7. Should I have stronger lines at different points of the stack?  I.e. 250# closest the lines, working down to 100# closest to the kite line?

I actually have stacking lines that came with the kites, but they're pretty uneven, some had knots pull out, and they use the TRLBY clips, but many are rusty.  Does anybody know where to get the paper-clip looking clips, as well as the little key-ring type clips used on TRLBY kites in bulk to make link lines?

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