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Trying to do the side slide with a two line kite.

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Because of this topic I have been trying to improve my meager sliding skills of late.  Recently I was flying the Widow Maker.  There were quite a number of people on the beach that day & I knew sport kites with long tails were always enjoyed by spectators.  I had bought a new 50' ribbon tail so I landed & hooked it up.  I am not a great sky writer but amused myself for some time trying to do entertaining movements.  Slack line tricks are not too good an idea with a long tail but I thought hmm... how about a slide?  Gave it a try and made it quite a ways across the window in a fairly strong breeze with a good looking slide.  Maybe the best I had ever done!  Is it cheating?  Maybe.  But it is doable & no doubt valid practice.  It looked great with that long tail trailing below.  Pulling flat tails with a dualie eventually rolls them into tubes.  Maybe that's how tube tails were invented.  Next day I used the 75' tube tail.  Could not slide as far but it looked marvelous.   Give it a try sometime.  SHBKF

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