It's hard to believe it's been a week since our amazing experience with John. As I think back on this experience I can't help but smile. We learned so much from him. He has such a patient and caring way of teaching. His passion can be seen in everything he taught us. He took the time to show us everything from how to store our kites properly to how to hold our handles to what is the right line to use. He really took his time to help with the basics like flat launches with a four string kite; proper hand grip with each type of kite and hand location. We learned so many different types of kiting. We learned how to fly 2 line stunt kites; 4 line revs ( mid vent, full sail and light to no wind); indoor strategies and techniques; fighter kites and awesome gliders in our house! He even taught my son to fly with a dog stack! We learned how to fly as a team which was unbelievable for beginners!! We learned many kiting ideas and principles but the one that helped me the most was what John calls the "whump". The whump means to load your sail and move it forward. This technique was life changing for us to be able to fly in light to no wind. The wind varies so much in Colorado that things became challenging sometimes but John never gave up trying and was able to teach us in any condition. He not only flew with us for hours on end he also stayed up late to share his vast knowledge of kiting. His passion for kiting can be felt in the way he teaches because he is so willing to continue to work on the same thing over and over with such patience and encouragement. John was such an easy person to have stay with us. He never asked for anything from us and was so willing to sleep wherever at our house! He joined us in some family obligations and was so willing to do anything!! We would do this experience over and over if we had the chance! We recommend for anyone willing to have the best experience ever to buy tickets to JB for a weekend! It will truly be a life changing experience!! Thanks again John for touching our lives and creating a lifetime of memories:)

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