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Riff's Reflex vertical mod

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The Reflex kite from Revolution is still being developed & there are probably newer versions/sizes on the horizon.  The kite I received from Riffclown a few weeks ago was from the second run of the new kite produced I believe last Spring.  The first run had just the metal spring & the normal carbon tube.  The concern of the springs rubbing & wearing the vertical tubes became an issue.  In the second batch it had been addressed by a sleeve or coating being applied to the springs themselves.  If any of this is incorrect I will edit this accordingly.  You can see this black sleeve on the spring in the images shown.  While this may be enough to retard significant wear in normal use it is not uncommon for these kites to be flown a great number of hours by kite enthusiasts.  Riff used a green vinyl cap that had the end cut off to slide onto the vertical tube for extra wear protection.  Below are images I have posted in my gallery with comments from each image.


Here you can see the bag of vinyl end caps from McMaster Carr showing the part number & size.  The original mod is still on one vertical & the other vertical is stock.



I somehow split one of the original green vinyl end caps that had been added by Riffclown.  So I switched to a black one I had in stock.  The end caps I used are .313" I.D. x .75" long.  After trimming off the end I stretched them a bit by placing them on needle nose pliers & pulling the handles outward.  Rotated them & did that four times.  Then I lubed the end of the vertical with saliva & slid the vinyl down into position.  After the vinyl regained it's memory the end cap is tight on the tube.


Once you assemble the kite you can fine tune the final position of the tube protector.  I had to move it just a little from my initial guess.  I simply slid the piece using my fingernails perpendicular to the tube on two opposite sides of the tube.  The springs only seem to move the sail 7/8's of an inch from the vertical.  What a difference that little bit makes.....  Thanks Riffclown for a great mod to this very interesting new Sportwing.   SHFKF

A few questions have already been posted about the images I added to my gallery.  Below from Hyzakite

"My question is how are you making the hole in the end cap? Hole punch I bet, I would use a hole punch now that I recently found out about them. Maybe 100 end caps is overkill. Where did the end caps come from, I bought mine from McMaster-Carr."

my response:

I simply cut the end off with the main blade of my trusty Victorinox Swiss Army Knife.  You can see a little round black spot laying there in the image.  I then carefully trimmed it up to make the ends square.  The end caps are indeed from McMaster-Carr, an industrial supply house that I ordered from thousands of times when I worked in manufacturing.  I ordered many different diameters & lengths to use with kites.  I probably have fifteen bags or more.  I even have some white ones that I have used on Rev handle mods.  SHBKF

second post from Hyzakite

"I didn't realize there was a story behind each picture, the black end cap replacing the green one picture, I didn't realize they was add-on pieces, a few questions. 1. Why was the vinyl caps added? 2. Why and what is on the spring piece that looks black compared to the shiny part of the spring? 3. If the spring has a vinyl type coating to prevent wear on the rod which is what it looks like, is the vinyl of the spring rubbing on the added vinyl cap going to cause a sluggish reaction compared to the springs original purpose? 4. Is it a vertical rod? 5. Would a small metal band around the rod in the same spot serve the same purpose only in a smoother action, if it is in fact added to prevent wear on the rod?"

my responses only here

1. Caps were added to beef up the protection due to a concern that the sleeve on the wire still was not enough.

2. Black on the spring is a vinyl or similar material.

3. No apparent sluggish action has been noticed at this point.  The spring coating could be removed easily allowing less friction if needed.  The tube protector is much heavier.

4. It is the vertical tube.

5. A small metal band could be fitted & would have less friction no doubt.

There are additional ways to approach the protection of the tube.  Simple electricians tape would be very easily applied.  There are very slippery tapes available that are sometimes called "Moonie tape".  These are made from ultra high molecular weight polyethylene which the material our high quality kite lines use.  

I really enjoy buying kites from other fliers.  Sometimes the kites arrive in excellent condition with additions that make them even better than stock.  I will continue to fly this kite with the added protection & report back if I encounter any issues.   SHBKF

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Used fibreglass parcel tape on mine for convenience though will have to keep an eye on it. I got a baggy of 20 or so handle leader caps so i suppose I have no excuse but to use them. How the springs have come on, can now just slide them off and use the strut as either a leading edge or a vertical.

Spring tbe support tape.jpg


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