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KARMA Prism Red 4D (10-3-16)

Mike Klaiber

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2 hours ago, Mike Klaiber said:

@exult and @waynedowler - just commented correct? No "I'm In" noted.

Just being talkative (writative?) as usual. You are correct - my comments were just comments and was not intended for entering the drawing. Anyhow, still nice of you to arrange this drawing!

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Congrats @Paramedic! :)


Separate note...

9 hours ago, Mike Klaiber said:

Adding @Robbie R and @Wayne Dowler back to conversation. Sorry but did not realize space was critical.

More important than the space, is to:

  1. Type the @ and the first part of the name
  2. Then wait for choices to pop up underneath and pick one

It's not like Twitter where you just put # or @ and the text for it to work, the forum system actually has to look them up and call on some code. ;)

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