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IT's a nice bag but does have a few drawbacks. No to individual Pockets inside. There is one external pocket (zipper on the outside of the bag) but it counts against the internal space. It's essentially a long Duffle..

I have one and the opening on the bag limits what you can really put inside. The zipper stops about 2 inches short of the end of the bag.  I use mine to hold my SLKs and extra spars.

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Depends what you put in it and the length of the bag. Shorter, under 40", are suitable for quads and fully disassembled duals. Single line kites of a serious nature usually need 48" or better. I put everything in a 60" bag when I started, but now I have a Rev bag for the quads, and everything else goes into the other bag. If you really get into kiting, you will soon find that one bag does not fit all, and all does not fit in one bag.

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20 hours ago, Koobecaf Uoykcuf said:

re they just a general bag that you put your kites already in bags in? Thanks in advance

Keep the kites in their sleeves - the HQ kite bag is essentially a long soft tube.

Mine is a bit worn after one years usage. There is a small hole (like 3mm) close to top side of the long handle, because this is where most load ends up because I often carry the bag vertically on on shoulder using the longest handle.

See also:

Good kite bag topic (where also the HQ kite bag is discussed):


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writing the post (where the HQ kite bag is discussed contra a ski bag):


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Look some more in ebay and other sites. There is a different concept of bads that open-up like a carpet. They look very practical.

Generally speaking, I keep my kites in their original sleeves in my car. And take one or two when walking down the beach. The lines and weights taken using a comfortable sport bag.

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