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Kite building for the cheapskate.


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When I make a kite to sell I of course only use top quality material but when I am experimenting with new designs I try to go as cheap as possible that way if I have to scrap the idea I don't loose much. Overtime I have found some cool cheap ways to get a kite in the air.

For sails I may use a plastic bag or tarp from Dollar Tree or once in a while I may find a fabric that is that is thin and light enough to fly at Wal-Mart on sale for 1.50 a yard.

For spars I use 36 in. bamboo fire skewers. Usually found in the camping section at Wal-Mart. You get ten in a bag for less than a dollar.

For connectors I use the ones you get in a pack of glow Sticks at Dollar Tree.

For line I use the braided bead string you find in the craft section. In the spring I have also found a variety of kite spools or winders at Dollar Tree.

For end caps I simply dip my spar ends in high temperature hot glue.

For Ferrules I simply take a pipe cutter and cut thin water line pipe I get from a hardware store.

So basically I can make a decent looking kite for about 5 dollars with parts to spare for the next one. I give most of these away once I am done with them.

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