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Hey guys! Me again!
I'm here on behalf of a Mechanical Engineering Project that requires a mechanism to be built that will launch a kite in low winds so that it will be shot up to 50m where the better winds are. 
I'm back with another few questions to ask all of you. Any help is appreciated!

1. How do you normally launch your kites? Besides tugging and running backwards?

2. Were there any methods that didn't work? Why?

3. At what speed do you consider low winds? How fast must the wind be to lift a kite?

4. What's the weight of your kite along with the photography rigging?

5. What types of kite do you use? What are their specs? What winds do they fly in? How heavy can the lift?

6. What type of cameras do you use?

7. What has been the smallest and largest kites/payloads you have used?

8. Do you KAP on land or at sea? Which do you prefer?

9. How much would a full set be? Kite and rigging included?

10. Have you ever used methods that involved an energy source? Batteries etc.

11. Do you fly on your own or with a group?

Thanks again!


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There can be variations to most questions asked.

Kites and rigs can vary vastly with wind conditions...line also (drag/weight increases with size) weight/size/cost/etc..

Wind speeds needed can vary right along with above reference . ..from single digits to as much as you are willing too risk.

As far as "shooting" a kite up....ehhh..good luck.

Most kites are launched by hand or anchored at a specific  length of line. running involved.

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you need to understand kites and fly conditions to rise a kite. all your questions are may be resumed in to a single one, ok two. HOW BIG and HOW MUCH WILL COST the kite to rise in low wind with all the equipment you want to put on.


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