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I want to build a foil that looks and flies like the mini mock foil, but bigger. Maybe around 80 square feet. I know the mock foil has more cells and bigger, but can the mini mock plan be scaled beyond the mock foil? Do the keel or rib profile change per the size?  Does anyone have any experience in this or have done this before? Thanks!

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I know that increasing the area of the kite without proportionately increasing the number of cells will put additional stress on all the seams, and with enough force the wind may just "shred" the kite. Ideally, the seams should be able to hold at least three times the maximum force that the wind may apply to them. Increasing the number of cells is one method of distributing the load over a larger area. The other way is to decrease the amount of taper from the front to the rear of each cell, but this method also decreases the structural integrity of an inflated cell because of decreased pressure, and will by default decrease lift. These are all calculations which can be made ahead of time (see structural engineering at your local library), or you can just design and build something, winging it, and hope you get lucky. 

You are opening a large can of worms. Get on the GWTW (gone with the wind) forum and check with some of the old farts in the SLK department to get a good list of  "do's and dont's" in building foils and scaling them up or down. It's not as simple as multiplying by 2.

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