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Hi Fubar, I'm in Cumbria bit of a distance, on Sundays there are flyers that meet up at Dunstable Downswhich is not far from you and a great field, theres two line and four line people there, see if we can get you some contact.

Hi guys, I'm based near Cambridge - anyone not too far away?

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Hey all - not sure how active UK people are here. I picked up kiting last summer. I'm using a dual line Prism Nexus at the moment but looking to upgrade to a Benson Deep Space. I'm in London and usually fly at a couple of the local commons. Would appreciate any tips on locations (SW)

If anyone is looking to sell a second hand Benson in the UK please DM me!

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Hi br1Ck, Dunstable downs would be a good location for you, I think there's people pretty regular up there at the weekends, and I'm sure they would be more than happy for to try some different kites.

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