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On 4/2/2017 at 8:46 AM, Polo said:

Hi friends,
I just created my account here to give you some answers about the unavailability of the orders on my website.
I will not tell you the detail, just that the collaboration with LHSK is ended and also that Lolly, from Revolution, did not find helpful to respond to my mails, private Facebook messages, or even a public call on Facebook ... unbelievable...
Then, as it's mentioned in the legal notices of my website, my design is registered and of course it is no more available from LHSK.
Any kite (or other object) with my design on, sold by LHSK or anyone else, is considered as a counterfeit.

I'm in the process of developing the new French manufacture of the sails. Things are not simple, but I hope to be able to relaunch the Revopolo before the summer.

@windwarrior: sorry but I don't remember your contact as you say through FB. What is your name on facebook ? I usually always answer.
@Bill: thank you for your mail to show me the discussion here.

It turns out I tried to contact Los Hermanos and got no response. My apologies. 

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Hello everyone,
I'm very sorry I have not communicated more since the restart of the Revopolo. I run a lot and I don't have much time.
I working on the FAQ section of the website to explain a lot of things. But I'm sure that here everybody know this "lot of things" ;)

The most important change is the customization / colorization of your kite which is now totally free. This means that you can color your kite, place it in your cart and buy it directly, like any other kite already existing in the shop. I have worked hard to automate the process as much as possible and now everything is easier for you, and for me.
Don't hesitate to simply play with the colorizer. You always be able to only download the images of the colorizations you made, to show and share them with your friends :-)

Also now, there is an option that many have been waiting for a long time : DON'T buy the carbon frame of the kite. Clearly: now you can buy a Revopolo "sail only" just by choose easily the right option in your cart.
You don't have to ask anymore. You just have to decide what you want.

Dont' hesitate if you have questions, I will reply.
I wish you a very happy festive season for this end of year.

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7 hours ago, SparkieRob said:

That's beach sand.

How exotic 🙂 – the goo on the kite equipment around here tends to be more mud and dirt! There are no natural beaches close to where I live, only an artificial small one at the edge of one of the fields/kiting sites. Contact with the sand can mostly be avoided there if the kite/kiting gear would get wet.

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Sharing the result my colorizer work:



The idea of the design is an inner glow inside a cage/basket of cast iron. While still making use of the colour gradients available, the end result should be relaxing to the eye. Polo Kites spotted that I had used gold instead of orange (hard to see in the editor) on just one pair of the panels and kindly assisted with advice before the design was finalized. Now the time of agony has begun – the long waiting for the kite to be finished and shipped...

I have always imagined that if I’d ever get a Polo quad it would be a vented one. From quite early on when learning to pilot quads this video with its very distinct kite movements served as an inspiration/goal:

But considering that my Rev B-series std is almost worn out while the mid vent is just a little worn and the full vent is hardly worn, it is the UL (Custom) I “need” (want). Also considering that I’m going to use this kite for many many hours I chose a custom one so I could have the graphics just the way I want.

So I originally imagined getting a Polo for high wind, but seem to have ended up on the other side of the wind spectrum. Most of the time in no/low wind I’m using the Rev Indoor, but once I receive the new quad, it is going to be interesting to try the low wind properties. Indoor piloting by Polo Kites:


Not very much footwork seems to be required (if using a proper technique of course).

While at it, I ordered a set of T1s to try out no/low/rather low wind T1-T2-frame combos. Crystal T2s come with the UL quads by “optional default” to my understanding. Having access to various frames is something I first learned to appreciate with my set of B-series Revs, where two sets of frames with different stiffness were included per kite.

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Nice job! Really like the effects of the 'fading' of the colours. Somehow it adds depth to the image, almost a third dimension (along with the two-tone and also faded 'iron' bars). You gotta get us a real pic once available, eh?

Interesting that Polo uses the Crystal sticks in the frame. I have some Freileins that use them. And great idea on the extra, lighter frame -- can 'mix and match' according to fancy and wind conditions, even combining various weights within the frame such as a T2 'innie' with T1 'outies' on the LE as an alternative to a complete swap.

Can see why you were enamoured of the venteds in that video. Oh, to be so near a beach.

Keep us posted!



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