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Trinity Wind Festival, Dallas

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Recently created this video by attaching my GoPro to my kites at the Trinity Wind Festival in Dallas, Texas. Video turned out good!


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Super interesting!!

How does it feel to fly? those things are almost 100g right? How did you hold it on up there? It looks surprisingly stable, was there digital or mechanical stabilization of any kind involved? 

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Hi Happyspoon....... The Hero2 I used is about 6.7 ounces. Let's just say that the kite is definately heavier feeling in the air. I mounted my Hero2 GoPro to my Prism E2 for the kite shots which made the entire unit (kite and Hero2) in the air almost 17 ounces. When shooting from my forehead, I was flying a Terry Crumpler Pro-Wasp. Winds were about 10-12mph that day gusting to 15.

As long as I had about 12 mph of wind, all was OK, but once the wind dropped, the kite with the GoPro mounted would ease to the ground. The Hero2 doesn't have any stabilization, so what you see is exactly what you get.

Surprisingly, this is the strap I used to mount to the E2.


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My flight was more stable than I thought it would be. I was kind of surprised how well the video came out from the front of my kite. If I just hovered all the time, it would really be stable.

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    • By Mech14
      Hey guys! Me again!
      I'm here on behalf of a Mechanical Engineering Project that requires a mechanism to be built that will launch a kite in low winds so that it will be shot up to 50m where the better winds are. 
      I'm back with another few questions to ask all of you. Any help is appreciated!

      1. How do you normally launch your kites? Besides tugging and running backwards?

      2. Were there any methods that didn't work? Why?

      3. At what speed do you consider low winds? How fast must the wind be to lift a kite?

      4. What's the weight of your kite along with the photography rigging?

      5. What types of kite do you use? What are their specs? What winds do they fly in? How heavy can the lift?

      6. What type of cameras do you use?

      7. What has been the smallest and largest kites/payloads you have used?

      8. Do you KAP on land or at sea? Which do you prefer?

      9. How much would a full set be? Kite and rigging included?

      10. Have you ever used methods that involved an energy source? Batteries etc.

      11. Do you fly on your own or with a group?
      Thanks again!
    • By Airfx
      I have an Echo light wind dual line kite for sale. Very little air time on it and a very crisp sail. It is practically brand new. Into the Wind sells them for $140. I would just like $100 including shipping to the US. Includes sleeve. Ask if you have questions. 

    • By kitetarian
      I recently visited the Trennepohl's store Kites and Fun Things in Plymouth MI and purchased a Widow NG. The trip to the store was surreal. I got to see the workshop and all the high end kites I had only seen in pictures, even a prototype glider Jon was working on. Remarkable stuff, and I learned about the industry and kite making process from talking to them. Super great people.
      I wasn't able to fly it until I got up to school in the Keweenaw Peninsula, where the wind off Lake Superior is constant and smooth. The first flight out was a learning experience, couple ground crashes, working on cornering and tracking and spin stalls. The second flight was Saturday, where I made a critical error in wind estimation. I thought it was around 4Bft, in reality it was consistently 20mph (the highest the kite is rated for) and gusting to 30 (that's bft 6-7 for those keeping score) Needless to say the kite pulled like a mack truck in the power zone and I could easily fly directly above me and to both sides of the window. The wind was whistling in the lines of my kite and the boat rigging docked next to me, so that should have tipped me off to stop flying. I was attempting to snap stall the kite at about 70% of the window when the bottom spreader exploded at the center.
      Now I have to figure out when I'm going to fly, because the wind frequently gets too strong for flying during the afternoon. I experimented with flying the snapshot late last night. Let me say, shooting stars and kites are a great combination. All in all, it seems I will be able to fly almost anytime here, which is awesome because I have a lot of things to work on.
    • By chasewhh
      Hello Everyone!
      I'm currently directing a documentary about the development of airborne wind energy (kite energy) entitled AWE. Here's the link:
      We launched a kickstarter to help us complete the project and would love to be more involved with the KiteLife community. Please help contribute to the project and help spread the word!
      Along with showing the current evolution of kite energy, we are delving into the history of the development of technology that the kite has brought about. Any comments or input would also be greatly appreciated!
      Also, here's a quick description of how traction kites can be used to generate energy:

      Thanks so much for your support!
      Chase Honaker
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