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Benson and Brexit


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Yes, a good deal for you guys that side of the water.

Best get in there soon, as the weakness of Sterling against both the Euro and Dollar means that prices will have to rise soon.

I doubt Tim  will offer any group discounts although you may be able to save on delivery charges if you have all the kites delivered to one person.  He is after all a one man band trying to make ends meet.

Great kites from a great guy and some of the best build quality in the business.

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Couldn't hurt to ask Tim for a group discount.

I wouldn't ask a kite maker for a discount as you pay for the blood,sweat, tears and heartache in the development of their products. Tim builds top shelf stuff and I would be happy with a favourable exchange rate.

But then if you are buying bulk you never do know.

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Tim's pricing is very reasonable, especially considering the favorable exchange rate. I bought my Gemini when the exchange wasn't so favorable, and it was still worth well more than I paid for it. I should really get the Gem out and give it another try. I might be ready for it, now. The Gemini is a crazy tricky kite... if you haven't watched them yet, check these out...


My favorites are the Fall months.

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