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Penny Lingenfelter

Kurt Anderson/ N.W. kites

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Kurt is fighting Cancer. For all those buggiers out there who know him from Seaside, or any of his sons ie. Eli Anderson, Kurt is not doing well. I will post his addy below. Our prayers go out to him. He'll never know how he and Linda touched our lives.

From : Mark Thorn

Sent : Friday, December 9, 2005 11:28 PM

To : "Mark Thorn"

Subject : Address to contact Kurt Anderson - Hiis health is rapidly failing


Kurt's health is rapid failing.... I don't have the full details.

Doesn't sound like he will make it through the end of the month.

Email Jon Ellis or call for more info. He has been in touch with Eli and knows more than I.

Jon Ellis - trijon@pacifier.com

phone- 360-225-7272

God's helping hand with you Kurt.


From: Mark Thorn [mailto:m.thorn@quadlinekites.com]

Sent: Friday, December 09, 2005 11:03 PM

To: mark@quadlinekites.com

Subject: Address to contact Kurt

I got his off the AKB website.


You may want to sent him a note to the address below.


Kurt Anderson

4564 SW Dogwood Lane

Portland, OR 97225

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Isn't it comforting to know that death isn't an end,

but only another step along the journey? B)

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An Update on Kurt.

He is hanging on. His second grandson is due in the middle of February and he should get to be here. Thats fantastic. His mailing address is incorrect so here is the correct addy.

Kurt Anderson

4565 S.W. Dogwood Ln.

Portland, OR 97225

If you can, send him a card or a joke. He's in great spirits and we can keep him there.



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Kurt passed away May 6, 2006 and is now with his wife Linda. We'll miss him. I talked to him on Thursday. When we hung up he had 6 other people to call back. I hope he got to speak to each and everyone of them. God bless Kurt.

This from Jon Ellis:

The family and friends of Kurt Anderson, are having a memorial kite fly at Sunset Beach, Oregon, Saturday May 13 at 1pm. There will be a pot luck after. Everyone is invited to come and help us celebrate Kurts life.


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