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Quad 1.5 bridles available!

John Barresi

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Hi all, just an FYI - with the same quality she applies to our Pro Leaders, TK has also started tying up bridles that are compatible with any common model of 1.5 (including EXP, SLE, NYM, B-Series, etc) in !

FullSizeRender 2.jpg  IMG_6149.JPG  IMG_6146.JPG

They are available in a variety of colors using 100% cored bridle line, these are no factory build - totally accurate!

We also have SUL compatible bridles made with 90# LPG Spectra, great for those ultralight 1.5 kites!


ORDER HERE --->  http://kitelife.com/forum/store/category/5-accessories/

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11 hours ago, browndude3649 said:

Say has anybody put up a utoob on how todo a bridle change the right way? thanks in advance ! 

I posted images on the Rev forum a while back, here is a link :-




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On 6/24/2017 at 6:17 PM, John Barresi said:

TK has just added SUL bridles to the catalog, 90# LPG Spectra and tied to the same specifications. ;)

     Quad 1.5 Bridles (UL 90# Spectra)     

Also note, the Spectra bridle knots are now all glued - I seem to remember @Paul LaMasters asking about this a little while ago, it's been adopted. ;)

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