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Assembly diagram? Joel K Scholz Signature Series - Raptor


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Hello all,
I acquired a kite a few years ago, and have been trying to figure out how to put it together since I got it. So far I've had no luck. The kite is a Joel K Scholz Signature Series Delta; the 20' Raptor to be precise. It came with a bag of carbon rods, but they all seem to be different sizes. Do any of you happen to have plans, or a diagram that shows how to assemble one of these things? I'd love to put it together and see it up in the air. It looks beautiful. Thanks for any help! I appreciate your time.


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I was curious, and found this on the GWTW forum, which was originally posted on the AKA forum. It may be helpful. If I can find a diagram I'll post it here also.

Edit: Didn't come across any diagrams, but did notice that it uses two cross spreaders, one a bit longer than the other, so there should be four pockets for them, two on each leading edge. Once you assemble some of the ferrules that match size-wise, it should start becoming clear where they go just by total length. Other than the two leading edge rods, they will probably be of different lengths.

Sort out your rods you will have 5 sets

  • 1 Center keel
  • 2 Leading edge sets
  • 1 Long cross spread
  • 1 Short cross spreader

The cross spreader go into the rod and hose assembly on the leading edge parts.
You can see the two spreader shadows is the purple section of my picture above. 
Set up the rods out of the kite and you can see how they are all connected. 

Set up

  • Center Keel rods go in fist
  • leading edge, i belive the center piece must be inserted in the gap 1/2 way in the wing.
  • Repeat leading edge on the other side
  • When installing the cross spreader
  • Assemble all three rods.
  • Install on end into the fitting at the leading edge
  • You will have to bend the cross spreader rods a lot to fit into the other leading edge. Don't wory they will not break. Having another person helps

Remember to label you rods when you take it apart.

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Probably very very late to the party but I dug this out of a box recently.

Its the official set of details I got with my Raptor, There are also hand noted comments in Red from Into The Wind with updated dimensions.

This is all I have left of the kite after it did a nose dive off the shores of Amagansett, NY in 2003. :(

20 Raptor.pdf

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