Traditional Chinese dragon (centipede) plans wanted

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I am looking for some plans to make a traditional Chinese dragon kite. I have 3 books on kite making but none show this. I will be using bamboo and Tyvek to create this (as opposed to silk). I have many pictures from different websites but I am looking for som basic constuction techniques such as:

1. distance between elements

2. different angles between stacked elements to prevent tail sagging

3. where the crossmember (outriggers) are attached to the disc

4. method of attaching bamboo ring to the Tyvec to stretch the fabric

5. tips on making the head

6. bridling arrangment

If I cannot get the plans online can someone point me to a book that details the construction of these kites?



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Thanks for sending him our way John. Harold Ames gave him a pretty good list of answers that I think will help get him started. :)

Centipedes are cool. I've got to build me one of these some time. But those heads have got to be tough to build.



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