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DIY - Sport / Stunt Kite Plans

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Didn't see a dedicated topic summarizing , all the popular links for online sport kite plans.

Bear in mind, one should always assume it's for personal use only when using someone else's kite plans.





Please feel free to add more below!

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Here is some more at Tweelijners. A set of descriptions (including some flight properties and history) and plans of the Belgian kites (Le Quartz, Horizon, L' Organic, Temppu Leija, B'zar and Le Vortex) can be found at:


No, no building for me as it looks like today - that would take the time I have/take for flying (and I never had a sewing machine anyway). However some dreaming now and then is an available option and is also free of charge.

There is a video of these kites, "Le grand Organic à la plage", that I like much. It is playful, artistic, shows nice coastal views, good flying and seems to be filmed with high quality gear and is well edited. Don't watch this on your mobile since the mood of it might not be conveyed! See and listen in front of a decent monitor and give it your attention during it's full 8:27 minutes!:



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      Where can I find some good, consolidated resources on kitemaking? I'm decent with a sewing machine and I'm handy. I have made wooden RC sailplanes, repaired carbon fiber planes and parts for my dirt bikes, built/repaired/tuned RC helicopters, etc. so I'm pretty confident I can take some plans with a little insight and guidance and make a good kite.
      I've found several sites with plans listed, but not much about how to read the cut sheets/schematics, and haven't found info on tips for order of operations, stitches to use for different seams...stuff like that. So where can I find the good stuff?!
      Oh, and I'll note that as of now, I am primarily looking at building dual line sport kites since that's what I am familiar with. I intend to get a quad liner at some point, too, but want some experience flying them before I build one.

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      We're pleased to yet again announce the next prize being given away to our most appreciated supporters, the Kitelife Subscribers...
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