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Inflatable for Snow and Water


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That's a tall order. No one kite will do it all. HQ Kites Matrixx comes to mind as a good start since it is a great Depower Water kite. Size though will vary based on conditions and your weight/skill level. 

Lots of water kites will make great snow kites. The reverse isn't necessarily true. You need a closed baffle or LEI (leading edge inflatable) kite for water. Otherwise the kite will fill with water in the event of a water landing. 

The risk with a closed baffle system on land is increased possibility of blowing a baffle or the kite itself in a hard landing.

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I would agree other than the range FLYSURFER do but then your have the added problem of FLYSURFER like there hang time ! Not so good for beginners lol , I do know people that use them on land,sea and snow but with all things power kiting GET LESSONS !!!

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