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UK Quad Clinic (Aug 31-Sep 1, 2017)

John Barresi

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Join us for two very full days of quad instruction on the beautiful shores of St Annes Beach in Lytham St Annes U.K. on Aug 31 and Sep 1, 2017 immediately before the St Annes International Kite Festival!

Instructors will be @John Barresi (http://www.johnbarresi.com) and @Josh.Mitcheson.


Quad 101: We'll be covering everything from absolute basics (pure beginner) all the way up through advanced techniques as well as the "weird stuff" like dogstake, short line catch and throw or any other quad line flight styles that may be of interest to the students, this first day is primarily focused on a full range of individual skills.


Team Flying: Actually easier than it looks, team flying is proven to help your skills along much quicker while having a ton of fun at the same time in a very forgiving social environment - after having done 100+ clinics, it's very very rare that fliers didn't find a fair measure of success on the line with others - come on, pave the way for participating in a mega fly at your next event.

Testimonials - http://tinyurl.com/jb-testimonials

Sign up link - http://kitelife.com/forum/store/product/51-uk-quad-clinic-aug-31-sep-1-2017/

(must use browser to sign up, link above won't work with Tapatalk or KiteLife App)


Ideal choice of equipment for this class is any model of Revolution 1.5 (includes EXP, SLE, B-Series, printed specials, etc) or similar "1.5 platform" models (like Phoenix, Freilein, Los Hermanos, etc) - we'll go through painless equipment set up, good tuning and all aspects of flight - this clinic is not brand-centric, the goal here is to demystify quad flying and set you up to win at your own game.

If you want to be able to try team flying, 40 metre / 120 ft lines (Skybond or Spectra material) are strongly suggested as the international team standard.

Registration is $125 (approx £100) per person and includes full access to the clinic on both days (Thu 10a-4p / Fri 10a-3p)... Please note, there are ONLY 20 SPOTS available and we expect them to fill up very quickly.

If you want some homework, you might also check out the tutorials available at http://www.learnkites.com/

If you're coming, we start the "Quad 101" portion of this class at 10AM SHARP on Thursday morning... It's jam packed with invaluable information and first time attendees are encouraged to consider attendance mandatory, lots of little details that add dimension to your set up and flight experience.

RSVP so far:

  1. @Flintfootfilly
  2. @Steve SLF
  3. @Caroline Senior
  4. @keithgrif (Mr)
  5. @keithgrif (Mrs)
  6. @Mark Jones
  7. @drdante
  8. @BarryS
  9. @FlyingHigh
  10. @sra7913
  11. @gekko
  12. @JohnE
  13. @Stephen Sunderland
  14. @Simon Cooper
  15. @Ian Brayshaw
  16. @HippyChippy
  17. @SKS65
  18. @JWharton
  19. @DaveJ

Directions - https://goo.gl/maps/siw9CnN9AN32

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Hoping I have a guaranteed place on this (I have paid my money and had a receipt from kitelife), but my name doesn't appear on the above list. I have messaged JB separately, but is there something I should be doing in order for my name to appear on the list please? Thanks. Sarah

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My apologies Sarah, you're right - totally my error... You were actully the *first flier* to sign up but I had been up way too late and misread the email - no chance of missing your spot in the class, but I have now updated the RSVP list as well.

Thanks for your patience, and for bringing this to my attention - happy to help anytime. :)

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two great danes :lol:

I have thought about. the first day to the individual clinic, is it possible to make a wish list for what exercises / problems I like to work with, and mayby there are some other there have the same issues.
Then perhaps we could get together in small groups and work with this. just a through  !!!!!!

I well persuade him to get a username :-) :-) 

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We would love to hear back from everyone on the TOP TEN INDIVIDUAL SKILLS YOU WANT TO LEARN (or overcome) during this two day workshop - this will help us serve you better and help us put some folks together for mutual improvement.

Reminder - this workshop kicks off on the first day with "Quad 101", a surprisingly complete walk-through on the kites, spars, fabric, handles, lines and other equipment as well as mechanics and theory, then we split up individually or grouped by specific interests to help you grow the skills you're most interested in (as well as general instruction) while Josh and I make our rounds amongst the students.

The second day will kick off with any needed remedial instruction, and then focus shifts heavily toward team flying - beginner / intermediate first (I am very adept at helping people succeed in their first team flights), building up to more experienced or master level maneuvers and speeds through the end of the class, and we should be able to top it all off with a mega fly!

Ongoing discussion on FB, you should be able to browse those comments too (if not on Tapatalk or the KiteLife App):


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From @BarryS on FB:


The ones that come immediately to mind for me are (and yes, there is a theme):- Rotation on the spot - both smooth and in "ticks". Rotating around a tip in reverse (especially downward). Rolling along a line (ie rotation with travel). Oh and one other not related - reversing in the upper half of the window.

My reply on FB:


Rotation on the spot (i.e. bicycle rotation is smooth, clockwork is ticks in 1/4, 1/8 increments and so on).
Reverse tip pivot (up or down).
Rolling along a line (traveling bicycle).

Reverse rise (and horizontal?) in the top half of the window.

Correct interpretation on my part? 


Side note, we'll service these (and any other) items during the clinic, happily - if anyone is interested in advance "homework", some of those topics are covered in the existing tutorial base, might be worth a look if you've already subscribed to KiteLife, but it'll all get covered on the beach one way or another. 


Keep it coming! :)

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