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KiteLife® Quad Line Clinic: Mar 25-26, Long Beach WA

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Join us for two full days of quad instruction in Long Beach WA on March 25-26, 2017...

We'll be covering everything from absolute basics (pure beginner) all the way up through advanced techniques and team flying, as well as providing short flight routines that are sure to help your skills along while having fun at the same time.

Saturday morning is always a group presentation, full 101 on the ins and outs of Rev equipment and related theory, this covers a metric ton of stuff that even the "pros" think they know, but don't... From there, we usually go through the fundamentals of clean launching, landing and control methods... Students then break up onto their own kites to work on the "homework" (maneuver combinations) that I'll distribute beforehand, during which instructor(s) will make the rounds between each flier, offering supporting instruction, as well as addressing individual interests.

Sunday is the same without a 101 presentation, followed by a couple hours (or more) of team skills introduction to close out the day. Students will use their own kites, any line length will work (80'-90' is very common) but 120' length will be required for team exercises. Must be spectra or Skybond lines for team flying.

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Registration is $175 per person and includes full access to the clinic on both days (10a-4p), discounted to $150 for KiteLife subscribers...

Clinic sign up here -

KiteLife subscriptions -

Please note, there are only 10 spots available and we expect them to fill up very quickly.

Facebook -

If you need any equipment prior to the event, we encourage you to check out our long time NW supporter The Kite Shoppe for a full variety of Rev kites and parts.

Signed up so far:

  1. @flexifoil21 (Russ W)
  2. Jennilyn W
  3. Dominic W
  4. @Gordon Sievers
  5. @rykerev
  6. @Kite_Lover
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